Know the Difference Between Ragdoll and Siamese Cats

Most people get confused between a Ragdoll cat and a Siamese cat due to their similar color patterns and coats. However, these two could not be more different. One can probably conclude from their breed name, a Ragdoll cat is more relaxed as compared to the Siamese breed. Siamese cats prosper of fondness and really need it. So, what’s the difference between Ragdoll and Siamese cats?

The real difference between a Ragdoll cat and a Siamese cat is that the former one is more independent as compared to the latter who need a great deal of attention. Siamese cats are vulnerable to depression when you do not give them enough attention. Ragdolls are more independent and yet cuddly.

If you’re confused about whether to have a Siamese or a Ragdoll, then read the differences between a Ragdoll cat vs Siamese to decide better!


A Quick Overview

difference between Ragdoll and Siamese cats

Here’s a quick overview of Ragdoll cats and Siamese cats. This guide will help you consider which cat breed is perfect for you!




Average Length (adult)

15-20 inches (not including tail)

17-21 inches (including tail)

Average Weight (adult)

6-14 pounds

10-20 pounds


8-15 years

12-17 years

Grooming requirements

Weekly brushing

Bi-monthly baths, 2x/weekly brushing





Loyal, Demanding, Talkative

Docile, Playful, Affectionate

Now, watch here a cute video of a Ragdoll and a Siamese cat!

Difference Between Ragdoll and Siamese Cats

Now, let’s have a look at the differences between the two:


Despite sharing similar color patterns, Siameses and Ragdolls appear a bit different. A Ragdoll cat has a fluffy coat and is longhaired. Thus, they need more grooming. Also, they are a bit bigger in size than Siamese. Ragdoll cats weigh around 12 pounds on average if healthier. On contrary, Siamese cats weigh around 8-12 pounds.

Siamese cats are sleeker. Plus, they typically have shorter, silkier hair. Due to their fur’s length, these cats need less grooming and may be more promising to owners with allergies in comparison with Ragdolls who shed a lot.


It is quite difficult to believe how anyone can mistake Ragdoll cats for Siameses due to their strikingly diverse characters. Siamese cats are energetic and very extroverted. On contrary, Ragdolls are calm and gentle.

Ragdolls received their rare title from the technique that they use to flop such as a ragdoll on holding them. So, this behavior entirely fits the docile nature of these cats. They are calm and love to lay around. Also, they admire your company. These cats want some quality time alone with their owners to be utilized on snuggling or curled up on their lap.

Siamese cats like to be the center of attention and want continuous attention at all times. They will let their owners know that they want their attention. These cats are talkative and meow until they get what they need from you. This extroverted cat breed would not let them go unnoticed.

Although Ragdolls are calm, they do not get well with dogs. On contrary, Siamese is popularasa playful cat breed and has a great deal of energy. Their energy levels match well with those of dogs, making these two great companions. A Ragdoll cat likes to be alone in the household to get all the affection and attention from all.

Siamese cats like to play constantly and want to be a unit of any action. They are popular for being mischievous and for grabbingeveryone’s attentionin the household. Also, they are inquisitive creatures. Thus, they are vulnerable to get into cabinets or spaces that you do not want these cats in.

Also, these cats are sensitive. If they do not get sufficient affection, they become depressed or begin to misbehave. The temperament of Siamese cats just comes out if they like attention. On contrary, Ragdolls are relaxed. Although they need affection, they are independent.


A Siamese cat needs more attention as compared to Ragdolls. In fact, they become depressed about not getting enough attention. They are not a good pet for people who are not home often as well as do not get enough playing time. These cats are perfect for households with other pets or children.

Siamese cats need a great deal of play and stimulation. So, it is a perfect tactic to have many toys at their dispersal. The perfect toy for these cats is a food puzzle toy thatkeeps them engaged for long hours. However, this does not match the time that they need to spend with you. These cats needaffection and physical touch for fulfilling their social requirements.

Ragdolls are a bit more independent as compared to a Siamese cat. Although all pet requires attention from the owner, Ragdolls love to sit around you.


A Siamese cat comes under the category of the oldest cat breeds. They originated in the 1300s from Thailand. They made their way to the United States first in the 1800s,when President Rutherford B. Hayes received it as a present. Then, these cats have turned out to be famous cat breed in the United States.

On contrary, Ragdoll cats came to California in the 1960s and are American bred. They are an outcome of breeding Angora, Birman, and Persian cat breeds for ages. The blend of these different cat breeds’ traits is the reason why Ragdolls are so lovable and floppy as we see and admire them for today.

Similarities Between Siamese and Ragdoll

difference between Ragdoll and Siamese cats

Despite theirvast differences, Siamese and Ragdoll cats share some similarities. Here are some of these similarities:

  • Both cat breeds have light bodies with darker paws, faces, and legs.
  • They both are sensitive and affectionate.
  • Both cat breeds are highly outspoken.
  • These cat breeds are tremendously intelligent.

Which Cat Breed is Perfect for You?

After reading the difference between Ragdoll vs Siamese, you may be wondering which one is the best! Despite the fact that both cat breeds will get along with all people, there are specific kinds of households that both Siamese and Ragdoll will thrive well in.

Ragdoll cats would work perfectly in a household where they can roam freely. While they would love to be cuddles or pet every now and then, they like to carry out their own business. Also, they are an extremely calm breed and prefer napping and being lazy mostly. Although these cats are loving, Ragdolls like best if they are the only pet in the house. Due to their long hair, they tend to shed. Thus, these cats are not perfect for individuals with allergies.

On contrary, Siamese cats are susceptible to depression. These cats will thrive well in a household where there is someone around all the time to give them ample attention. They admire small children and love to play with them for hours. Siamese cats have a lot of energy and require to be kept stimulated and exercised throughout the day. Due to their short hair, these cats are perfect for individuals who want to have a hypoallergenic breed.


Now, you know the difference between Ragdoll and Siamese cats. It would not be difficult to make a decision now about which one to get. There are lots of differences between the two. Get the one that meets up your requirements!

While both cat breeds make incredible pets, Siameses require constant affection and attention. If you are in search of a more quintessential, independent breed, then Ragdolls would be perfect for you. However, if you want to have a feline friend that adores snuggling and cuddling, then a Siamese cat would make a great addition to your family.

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