Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Couch? Tips To Solve Irregular Cat Peeing

Is your home covered in putrid smells and pee stains? Is cat pee behind the reason for wrecked furniture at your home? All cat parents must be able to relate to this phenomenon at one point in their pet upbringing.

This furniture destructing phenomenon was faced in my personal case when my cat, Kuki, had started to pee everywhere possible around the home. This was later diagnosed as an arthritis problem in her body, which got treated early on. There are otherwise ample reasons for ‘ why is my cat peeing on my couch ’ that can lead to a cat’s irregular peeing behavior.


why is my cat peeing on my couch

Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Couch?

In this section, we are going to exhibit and talk about the main reasons for your cat peeing on the couch and other valuable furniture:

Improper Location Of The Cat Litter Box

It is already common knowledge that all cats have a finicky nature, which is mostly centered on their privacy and cleanliness concerns. Similar to how human beings prefer doing their business within shut doors, cats too long for privacy around their litter box areas.

It can get to a source of the problem if your cat’s litter box is situated in an eventful area or near a loud appliance like a furnace, according to feline trainers and behavior specialists. Also, in multi-cat households, it can be that your cat does not prefer the lighting of their litter box area, which can be prone to a dark space

why is my cat peeing on my couch

Your cat can be peeing outside his or her litter box owing to other location problems as well. It may also be that your cat has to pass through a dog's resting spot on its way to the cat litter box and it may get chased frequently.

Some other faux pas by cat parents that can result in cats avoiding their litter boxes consists of giving them litter boxes, which are way too undersized and not tending to the litter scooping tasks once a day at least.

Need For A Few More Litter Boxes

One or two litter boxes may still be insufficient for your cat. A few of them prefer urinating and defecating in separate cat litter boxes and a few do not even share their boxes with other cats. A safe move is to get litter boxes for every feline in the household, plus an additional one for providing at least a single one on all levels of your dwelling.

This is especially a good move for the kittens. Akin to children, kittens’ elimination control is underdeveloped. Hence, they require multiple and easily available boxes for avoiding peeing accidents.

Top 3 Best Cat Litter Boxes

Below, you'll find the comparison table of top 3 best cat litter boxes which gives you the best choice for your cats easily and quickly:

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Your Cat Dislikes The Litter Box Type At Home

Your cat peeing on furniture may indicate an examination of his or her peculiarities. A few common aspects of the box like a cover for trapping odors that may constrict his or her movements in a way that she cannot get into comfortable positions without pressing any part of the body against the interior part of the litter cover is disliked by many cats.

why is my cat peeing on my couch

Otherwise, it can be a health issue, along with an ill-fitting litter box. If the cat has arthritis, the box's sides may be too high, thus making it tricky to enter and move out of it easily.

Your Cat Dislikes The Cat Litter

As a finicky animal by nature, cats have their own preferences toward a brand or type of cat litter. He or she may turn up their nose at further brands, particularly if they think that the litter is not soft enough. In case a cat got declawed, then stepping and digging in the litter can get painful and they automatically will seek out softer substrates.

why is my cat peeing on my couch

We suggest setting up a test of your cat litter products. Put 2 litter boxes alongside each other with one having a softer type and the other box with a rougher texture. The litter that your cat ends up choosing can be your new litter brand.

Ensure that the litter is really absorbent. The habit of cats burying excretes in the litter is a hard-wired instinct for concealing their scent so that the predator cannot track them.

Top 3 Best Cat Litters

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Major Changes In The Home

Any major change around the house, like a new baby, new pets, or having a new job that is keeping the owner away from their houses in a far above normal or dissimilar hours than what the cat has been used to, can play a role in a cat’s irregular behavior patterns.

This is because it is in their nature to thrive in environments that are controllable and predictable. Any change in the home, even the insignificant and minor ones, can trigger the behavior of house soiling.

Need To Feel Secure

A fearful cat will act in fearful manners. You should never punish or scold cats or kittens, especially when they are inside or by their litter boxes. This can build a negative connection with the litter box and they’ll start avoiding it.

Due to this very reason, never utilize the litter box as places for trapping a cat and administering his or her medications, trimming nails, or getting them into their carrier.

why is my cat peeing on my couch

Such psychological stresses of competing for resources is something that can be modified easily by ensuring an abundance of resources, like toys, water, food bowls, and multiple litter boxes for all our beloved cats. Quality time with your pets is also a stress-reducing factor for both the cat and the parent.

Crystals In Your Cat’s Urine

It so happens that cats have a tendency to develop crystals in their pee excretes, which leads to hurting sensations in the event of peeing. This can be evident when your cat starts urinating in regions around the house other than its litter box itself.

This is because the cat tends to hold its pee in for as long a period as possible and only letting go when it is not capable of holding it in any longer.

How To Stop Cat From Peeing On Couch?

Now that you are familiar with the prime causes of why your furry has been led to pee on the couch, you are already half way toward solving your cat pee dilemma around the house. Follow the viable ways below, for learning a few good ways to prevent such an irregular peeing behavior:

Slowly relocating the cat’s box

From discouraging a cat from peeing on the couch, position a litter box on that mark for encouraging her to employ the box in its place. After usage of the box for 1 month, shift it daily in inches till it is back to its original location.

Lighting Up Dim Spaces Where The Cat Has Begun Urinating

why is my cat peeing on my couch

Cats prefer using dark spaces for doing their business. If your furry friend has begun peeing on a furniture kept in a dim space, you can keep your light switched on or get a motion light for discouraging the cat from peeing in that area.

Flipping Couches And Rugs

Cats can grow a fondness for a particular type of surfaces and start utilizing it as their bathroom. Turning carpet runners or couches can discourage cats as doing so would change the surface texture.

Applying Double-sided Sticky Tapes On Couches

Sticky tapes can discourage cats from peeing on furniture as the tape sensation on their paws is disagreeable. Try putting double-sided tape to the edges of the furniture and on spots where the cat prefers to pee.

Cleaning Peeing Accidents With Enzymatic Cleaners

Cleaning after accidents right on occurrence can also help discourage cats from utilizing the identical spot once more. You can employ enzymatic cleaners instead of those based on ammonia-based as the latter can cause more peeing in the area. 

why is my cat peeing on my couch

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This is because they could interpret ammonia as a new cat’s pee, which they must obscure with their own urine.

Trimming Long Hair In The Region Of Hind Quarters

In case of long-haired cats, there can be a dislike to their litter box as it makes them feel dirty after usage. Trimming the cat’s hair can help them in using the box. A bath can also do well for eliminating stinky odors.

why is my cat peeing on my couch

Playing With The Cat In The Region Of The Litter Box

Negative linkages with a litter box can improve playing with the cat near the box. You can try having fun with your feline friend from a distance of their box every day for helping to generate new positive sentiments about the cat litter box.

Also, do not reward the cat with treats for utilizing the litter box. Cats hate to be disturbed whilst using their litter boxes. You can place toys and treats near the cat’s box. However, do not place the cat’s water and food dishes near their boxes. Cats do not like eating too close to their bathroom.

Talking To The Vet On Non-improvement

Encouraging the cat to utilize the litter box takes effort and time but it may not be successful in all cases. Some vets undergo unique training for helping people deal with issues like urinating outside litter boxes.

If the cat doesn’t improve with time, think about speaking to certified animal behaviorists or a veterinary behaviorist.

Using Viable Plug-in Products

Irregular cat pee incidents have been a common occurrence in the past with my own cat, Kuki. Subsequent to checking her health, feeding her in the same area that she was peeing in, using the other training methods that I had learned about, I finally resorted the plug-in medication technique.

The peeing behavior has stopped ever since and I haven’t had to reuse in after the whole due process and has proved to be a viable solution too.

why is my cat peeing on my couch

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Install the Feliway diffuser at home as a viable solution in this case. You must not directly apply its spray bottle, but instead just put a plug-in near your couch, or any other regions of your house where your cat tends to spend a lot of its time. During the initial week or so, spray your couch with the Feliway product as well.

Covering The Couch At Risk

When your kitty tends to repeatedly wreck havoc at your home, there are of course a lot of practical training methods that you can use for teaching it to do otherwise. But when you are currently short on time, and need a quick fix immediately, you can resort to getting your couch covered by waterproof materials, for protection.

This cover can be used on your couch whenever you leave your room and very certainly, at night, when you cannot personally guard over your valuable couch.

Making Use Of A Distinct Cat Collar

After you have positively given your best shot, the last viable way to teach your furry friend some important and vital bathroom manners is by way of a pheromone inducing object. In this instance, bringing a pheromone collar for your cat can help in impacting and controlling its behavior to a large extent.

More often than not, scores of cat parents have had positive responses after its use, especially when even the plug in did not work satisfactorily. Such a collar seems to cure random peeing behavior for a few domestic cats. You can further make use of Nature's Miracle liquid, for efficiently removing pee stains and reeking odor.

why is my cat peeing on my couch

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Check this helpful video for further information:


In conclusion, you may now be having a better idea of dealing with your cat’s irregular and disturbing behavior of your cat peeing on your favorite couch at home. This can be treated only with patience and proper techniques.

why is my cat peeing on my couch

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