Are You Facing The Problem: How To Get Cat Pee Out Of Leather?

Are you in trouble about your expensive leather getting ruined from cat pee? Read on as I show you 6 steps to remove cat urine and more tips on how to keep your cat off leather.

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Is cat pee wrecking havoc at your home? Are you feeling helpless about your cat peeing everywhere around the house? Is your expensive leather getting ruined from cat pee? If these dilemmas come close to the issues you are facing, then you have come to the right place to get your well-deserved answers.


how to get cat pee out of leather

When your most adorable cat starts to ditch his or her litter box and pees on your expensive leather couches, rugs, or bags around the house, it can, without doubt, turn into an expensive and hard-to-fix problem for the cat parents.

I am sharing this precious technique with you on how to get cat pee out of leather. It all started when I had first inherited some expensive leather rugs from my friend, which reeked of her own cat’s pee. This was my gateway to learn about quick fix-it solutions for removing urine odor, which have come in handy quite often with my own furry babies at home. This method is full proof and very useful in such situations.

What Is The Effect Of Cat Urine On Leather?

how to get cat pee out of leather

Cat pee is most liable to destroy a good piece of leather furniture in your house, leaving behind a nasty dry area that would most definitely crack open and wrinkle in time. Additionally, cat urine is one of the world’s most difficult to remove odors, since they contain some very tough smelling proteins, which can ultimately fill your home with an unbearable stinky stench. 

Between the continuous cleaning and dominant smell all over your house, you must be genuinely worried, now that you have taken to seeking answers on the web. We are here to reassure you about your expensive leather furniture, which has faced the wrath of your cat’s pee. This blog post has efficient and easy to use solutions for you on how to get your kitty pee out of leather.

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Some Common Reasons Behind This

There may be tons of reasons why your cat has started to accumulate this behavior of peeing everywhere except the litter box. This might be a subtle signal from your furry friend when they are unhappy about certain environmental elements.

how to get cat pee out of leather

This could be caused both by behavioral or medical reasons, and be rounded to one key perpetrator: change. If these indications continue, you can start to mark your cat’s patterns and consider a pet trainer or doctor to address your cat’s issues.

For now, let us take to dealing with your precious leather products, which are presently smelling and stinking up your home.

How To Detect Cat Pee On Leather?

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    Start by completely darkening the room.
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    Use a UV Blacklight Flashlight to scan the entire leather item for glowing greenish blots to identify the stains.
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    Next, string or chalk the outline of the visible marks.

How To Get Cat Pee Out Of Leather?

In this section, we have provided our audience with a step by step advisory on how they can get their cat’s pee out of leather. Follow these steps carefully to save your leather.

Required ingredients

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    Brush or cloth
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    White vinegar
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  • plus-circle
    Leather cleaner
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    Small bowl
how to get cat pee out of leather

Step 1

Start by bringing your leather couch or other leather items into bright sunlight for airing, so that the odor is less distinct after drying.


Step 2

Next, brush or wipe the affected area gently with a cloth or soft brush to remove any grime particles from the leather area.


Step 3

Use a leather cleaner like Nature's Miracle to wipe and clean the material and to secure the fabric from any cracking or drying together with restoring its smell. This product has been successfully used by me for dealing with my cat issues.


Step 4

Wrap your leather items in a newspaper for a long time. This is so that the moisture and smell are absorbed by the porous paper.


Step 5

You must then proceed to pour water and white vinegar into a small bowl and mix it thoroughly. Then, take a cloth and use the mixture to wipe the leather item gently.


Step 6

Next, you can deal straight with the strong odor on your leather item by rubbing a used odor remover liquid on the marked stain areas. Additionally, you must make sure that the odor remover is leather safe.

These steps are most easy to use and efficient for removing your cat’s pee stains on your expensive leather items. In case any of these methods fail, you can choose to give them time. With time, most smelly items gradually lose their strong residues.

  • If you have any other doubts, you can watch this helpful video for some help while you do this:

Tips On How To Keep Your Cat Off Leather

how to get cat pee out of leather
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    You can try mixing few essential oils together with coconut oil in order to condition the leather material and infuse a fresh smell to cover the cat pee. To do this, rub the mixture over the affected surfaces and leave it to get better.
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    Additionally, you can cover your leather couch or cushion for about 30 days, using a sheet of plastic. This is so that your cat is not lured back to the smell of urine, which for some reason seems to attract them.
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    You can also try to keep your cat away from the affected area or room till the time they resume with their normal urinating pattern.


Through these steps, you would have hopefully found the right solutions and remedies to your relevant questions. Now, you know what you have to do to take out your cat’s urine from your precious leather products. So, follow these steps and keep your leather shining like new.

If you have any more interesting and creative ways to remove cat pee out of your leather items, please do not hesitate to offer your feedback and lend a helping hand to other cat parents reading this blog! Also, do not forget to share our article with your cat loving friends and family.

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