Why Do People Like Cats – The Bittersweet Relationship Between Cats and Humans!

You may have seen a lot of cat memes on almost all the social media platforms and wondered why do people like cats this much that they flood the internet with videos and pictures of their cats. A lot of cat lovers have to face the question “why do you like cats at all” because of the biased love towards dogs that has been time and again fuelled by so much content and experience shared by dog lovers everywhere. Cats have come a long way fighting for their much-deserved position in the life of humans and getting appreciation for their unique personalities.


Cats have been the underdogs of the pet world that slowly rose to be the favorite pet of an increasing number of people due to so many of their personality traits and the changing perception of people. We are here to explore and answer why we love cats a lot and that the various aspects that are related to this bond.

About the development of cat and human relationship

why do people like cats

The initial existence of cats on the earth was in the wild and their evolutionary history from the earliest of times has a lot to do with how they became closer to humans. The genetic coding of cats has them involving into personalities that respond and behave to certain pre-determined situations. A lot of studies have been done on how the cats survived in the wild, how they started domesticating themselves upon coming in contact with the humans, and how they were able to retain their uniqueness yet.

Domestication of cats

Cats thrived in the wilderness initially for which they built a suitable personality and response system. They have been pretty independent creatures who knew how to harness resources for their survival.

When the humans started growing grain, the wild cats would appear in front of them more while hunting for the rodents and the humans would reward them with food in turn. It was since then that both humans and cats started to tolerate each other’s presence increasingly. With other socializing aspects, cats started to domesticate themselves further and this is how the modern-day domestic cat breeds emerged.

Humans tried to further domesticate the cats to make them more appealing but it was only very few of the breeds that responded positively to the cross-breeding. This indicated the control retained and exerted by cats on their lives and to date, they are viewed as animals of their free will. Continued mating between the house and wild cats is the reason why do people like cats  have been able to retain major traits like hunting, climbing, partner selection, night vision, etc.

The popular portrayal of cats

Ever since animals made it to the TV screens, an inherent bias has always been there in the portrayal of cats. They were shown as animals with a lot of attitudes, independence, emotional absence, and some sort of evilness. Even a lot of religions associated negativity and witchery with cats and there were even orders for their mass killing.

However, times changed and for the reasons that have been explained above, cats entered the world of domestic pets too and are now a favorite of so many. We have thoroughly explained the course of the development of the cat-humans relationship which will help you to understand why do people like cats the way they do.

Cats are low maintenance pets!

why do people like cats

This is the first favorite thing of most cat lovers and relieving also since cats can do most of the jobs themselves including the crucial ones like cleaning, grooming, and even entertaining. Cats have a schedule of their own and simply want their ways and boundaries to be respected. Even the food for cats is cheaper and all such things are simply an advantage for pet lovers.

The emotional independence and attitude of cats make it better for the owners who have to deal with a lot of things and don’t need to work much to gain the love of their cats. With patience comes understanding and cats anyway always do what they want.

Expressions of cats are real!

The ways cats entered the world of pets speaks about the social independence they carry and how they prefer to do only what they like. Thus, to develop a relationship with a cat demands a lot of mutual work from both ends. You can stay assured that when a cat is expressing love for you, it is purely because they are choosing to do so and nothing can feel more rewarding for a cat owner.

Also, cats have such adorable ways to express their affection and trust for the owner, and understanding the signals takes some amount of patience which is totally worth it. They would roll on their bellies, knead your paws, stare, even sit like you, etc. and their body language is what can be decoded to understand what they are conveying.

Cats exhibit irresistible adorability!

The physical features of cats are surely one major reason behind you thinking why do I love cats so much. It has been studies that humans tend to get attracted to creatures that have the cuteness of babies and cats look simply adorable with their big charming eyes and small face which is typically like that of a baby. The way they would jump, play, or follow you can melt your heart and once you are in love with them, it becomes very difficult to resist the urge of petting them.

The curiosity of cats brings surprises every time!

You may have a cat who wants to know about everything that is happening and pokes his nose everywhere. It is so adorable to see them running after a mere stick toy, running with polybags wrapped around their face, jumping into boxes, or strolling through the tightest of space. Cats are super-intelligent creatures and they manage their ways out of situations that can be surprising many times.

Cats appreciate the presence of their owners!

You may have seen so many videos on different social media platforms of cats cuddling with their owners or welcoming them at the doors and still wonder why I love cats? Obviously, it’s the warmth that exudes from their fur and the way they would ask for more petting, belly scratches, or chin rubs is heart-melting. However, sometimes they want their space and if you respect that, they are going to shower you with love in their ways.

Cats have a sassy personality!

You may have come across the term “Cattitude” at a lot of places where this slang points out the unique and strange personalities that differ from cat to cat. We have cats as mayors, members of royal families, part of the guineas book of records, shamans, popular cartoon characters, and whatnot. All of this can make anyone fall in love with the personalities of cats and admire their sass and intelligence.

Every cat has a unique personality and might as well even behave differently from their same breed counterparts. Thus, it largely depends on the type of equation you can build with the pet and this gives a lot of room to you for training them too.

If you wonder why do I love my cat so much, then all that you need to do is look at your cat and the smile on your face will be the best answer.


If you ask individuals that why do people like cats or even love them with the deepest of feelings, you will get so many different answers that it might become difficult to compile them. It is in the little things that why do people like cats adore them so closely and dare you to say anything against their cat in front of them. Cats are adorable and you just need to let them be for building the best relationship.

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