Understand The cat Psychology Behind The Cats Sitting Like Humans!

Cat behavior is something very difficult to understand for beginners and when you see cats sitting like humans or do similar other random things, you might get as much confused as cracking up instantly. Cats can do both adorable as well as annoying things that will leave you puzzled enough to wonder why in the world they would ever do that. From sitting up straight to curling up when petted, there are a lot of indications that can be made out of the sitting positions and body postures of cats.


If you also get endeared yet confused by the behavior of your cat sitting like a human, then we suggest you to continue reading below as we give an attempt at solving the puzzle.

Possible reasons why cats sit up like humans

cats sitting like humans

Your cat is not going to come up and tell you why it does what it does. So, every attempt you make at understanding your cat is going to be a combination of calculated guesses and conclusive pieces of evidence from the pet's past behavior. Here are some possible reasons that might help you to understand why is your cat sitting up.

Imitating you

This can be the first and most wishful thought that would come to your mind while you try to find out the reason behind your cat sitting as you do. It has now been even scientifically proved to some extent that cats pick up on the behavior of the humans in whose proximity they live and try to mimic most of their actions like the owner eats, sleeps, walks, etc. On that note, it won’t be wrong to think that your cat is just mimicking you and trying to sit like you.

Expressing their trust in you

Sitting up straight like humans requires the cats to expose their underbelly portion and if your cat is choosing to do so in your presence, then it is a matter of great trust and affection that they have for you. Exposing the belly makes them vulnerable to anybody hurting them and still doing so in front of you means your cat knows that you won’t do that to it.

Cleaning themselves up

With this reason applying true, you may see your cat sit up straight as you do for a short period where they use their high flexibility to reach the body undersides easily this way for grooming. This usually happens when the cats are involved in cleaning themselves up, especially on the underbody regions like the belly and the private parts too, and happen to see anyone catch this sight. Cats tend to pause the cleaning and get in the attentive pose that looks like they sitting straight up as humans do.

Cooling down

Grooming, as discussed above, is a way cats cool down their body temperature too, and sitting upright can help the process even better. Cats don’t sweat like us and when the belly is exposed while they sit up, the sweat on the lower body parts evaporated better. Getting the tummy aired properly is loved by most of the cats as that makes them feel comfortable.

Letting other cats groom them

Mutual grooming is a part of many cat’s routines where they let their companions clean them up especially on the parts where they can’t reach easily. To make this purpose easier for the other cat, you may see your cat sitting up to let the other cat have easy access to the stomach area for licking and grooming it. Cats are very flexible animals usually but they might use help sometimes.

Getting some comfort

When you see any cat sitting like humans, it may be an attempt at getting a comfortable posture for stretching the body a bit and relax down. The spine of cats is very stretchable and strong but they might take the help of somebody stretching for relaxing their limbs to help the body calm down after any interactive play session or running around hunting the electric mouse.

Asking for belly rubs

It is usually seen that cats roll on their bellies to ask their owner for some caressing on their tummies and they do this when they completely trust the owner. Thus, your cat might be asking for some cuddles or belly rubs by sitting up in this position so that they look extra cute and you just fail to resist them.

Wanting attention

If you see your cat sitting like a human all of a sudden, it might just be them getting into attention suddenly to catch your attention too. This way they would be able to ask you for anything they won't like playing with them, giving them the treat, giving them a walk outside, or any other demand they might put up. It is interesting to see how cats may act this smart for which they are known too.

Stuck in the position

Another reason that you might have to settle with while trying to understand how your cat managed to sit that way up along with looking so adorable is that they might be in this position simply because they are stuck in it. For all the reasons that we listed above, they might have been done with the purpose and then stuck in that position for some time. Cats do that many times where they take their pause.

Just lazing around

Now, one last reason that we could think of to understand why you may come across your cat sitting like human is that the cat is doing it just for the sake of it without any solid reason. It might just be lazing around and ended up sitting up that way. Your cat also might not be caring about the posture and not wanting to change it.

Dealing with cats sitting like humans

cats sitting like humans

You need to understand that cats have their way of doing things and sitting up like humans is one of them. As we have discussed why they sit like us above, it is also important for you to know how to deal with them at such times. Here are some suggestions you can use:

  • Just because your cat is sitting like you and looking very cute, it doesn’t mean that they want you to show them the affection necessary. Watch out for other signs and act accordingly.
  • Do not go ahead with rubbing the exposed belly of your cat or cuddle them just like that. Your cat may tend to see your approach as a move of attack and become defensive. This is also going to hurt their trustful sentiments about you.
  • You may try approaching your cat sitting like human slowly and see how they respond. If everything goes well, you can go ahead with giving them a slight scratch on the under-chin area and then back off.
  • Do not disturb your cat if they are sitting this way as they may just be cooling down.
  • Respect the ways of your cat and don’t always try to interact with them whenever they do cute things. Just let them be on their own too and deal with whatever they are doing.
  • If you see your cat relaxing while sitting up like you with closed eyes or just giving a blank stare, you better not disturb them. Interrupting their body relaxation workout may frustrate them or even get them moody for the whole day thereafter.
  • Before approaching your cat for a tummy rub as you may think that they are asking for it, it is very important that you check out all the body signals properly and then only go ahead with it. Maintain eye contact with the cat as you move closer to it and if they twitch at any moment, then back off. If they want the rub, you will know it and then start rubbing their tummy slowly.
  • Never try to pick up the cat or cuddle them when you see them seated up comfortably like that.
  • Give them proper grooming and spend time with them to make a better bond so that they trust you with whatever they feel like doing.


There can be any reason behind your cat sitting like humans and you will only be able to conclude after having a good understanding of your cat’s behavior. You will be able to do so only after spending time with your pet and observe their activities and action.

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