Why Does My Cat Meow When I Sneeze ?-Understanding Strange Cat Behaviors

Meow is one of those primary sounds that cats use for communication and out of the so many things cats respond to via meowing, sneezing is one thing that can make you laugh and confused both. So, if you cannot make out why does my cat meow when I sneeze, then there are endless possibilities that you have to explore. Let us help you by providing some of the reasons that may satisfy your curiosity.


Possibilities behind cats reacting to sneezing sounds

why does my cat meow when I sneeze

Cats can hear even the faintest of sounds due to their very wide hearing range which also means that they keep hearing some of the other sounds all the time. At the same time, cats don’t like loud noises at all, and in the scenario that we just discussed, any loud noise like sneezing can make them go mad. This is one major reason behind cats reacting to loud sounds including sneezing.

However, there can be many reasons why your cat gives you a reaction every time you sneeze, and here are the common ones:

  • They may get startled with the sound of you sneezing and cats absolutely hate being disturbed.
  • If you sneeze when the cat is comfortably nestled in their couch and that wakes them up, you are getting cat snares for long.
  • Cats don’t know what sneezing means and they may simply get curious which they might not like sometimes.
  • Cats also don’t like it when they can’t make out where any sound is coming from and for the same reason, they may react to show their disapproval to the sneezing sound.
  • Your cat may just frown upon you if the sneeze sound is too loud.
  • Cats also don’t like getting surprised much and the sneeze sound can have that effect on them which they would dislike.
  • Your cat may just be hearing the sneeze sound for the first time and wondering how even you can make such a sound. Also, they might just happen to not like the sound in the first instance at all.
  • Cats don’t have any idea about what human sounds mean and they may tend to think that you are in some sort of trouble when you sneeze. This is mostly the case with cats that are very affectionate (well, all cats are affectionate but some don’t show much!).

Now, the thing to note here is that all these reasons we listed are just possibilities that we could make out but there can be so many other reasons behind your cat reacting to the sneeze sound. It is not only because they react out of dislike.

Every cat is different and this makes it even more difficult to put a hand on one conclusive reason for why do cats meow when you sneeze. Thus, it is with the time that you will be able to realize the reason behind your cat’s reaction after observing and analyzing the reactions.

Possible reasons behind the cats meowing at sneezing sounds

Cat behavior is something that probably will never be accurately understood unless the cats start speaking to humans in their language and tell why they do what they do. However, let’s not imagine crazy things for now and move on to explore certain possibilities why does my cat meow when I sneeze:

Blessing you!

This can be one of the most satisfying reasons for the cat lovers to believe- their cat blessing them when they sneeze. However, who can deny the possibilities of this being an actual reason? Your cat may just be saying “Bless you” in the meow language and you may just go on to cuddle with them afterward when they do so.

Mimicking the sneeze

If you have a chatty cat, then it is a great possibility that it might just be trying to mimic the sound of your sneeze. Cats sometimes like to have some fun with their owners and they might see your sneeze as a way you are trying to grab their attention. This is positive communication and you may make a good laugh about it.

Imitating you

Cats imitate their owners as they pick on human actions and this has been proven by a lot of studies. In case you think why does my cat meow when I sneeze, it might be imitating the way you say “Bless you” or “Are you fine” in the sound that they can make.

Trying to inquire

Cats communicate a lot and they meowing after you sneeze can be a way they wanting to inquire what is wrong with you. This is another way you may want to think about feeling the love of your cat which it might as well be trying to express. If your cat is affectionate, then this becomes a stronger possibility.

Annoyingly responding

Cats don’t like loud sounds as we discussed above and if they hated your sneezing sound for being too loud, then they may get annoyed. For expressing their annoyance, they might end up meowing and you will be able to notice the undertones of dislike in the meow.

Expressing surprise

A sudden sneeze from you can make your cat jump to her knees or just get startled enough to leave a meow from its mouth. You will come across such an incident if the cats are sitting peacefully or engaged within themselves and you sneeze, they might just meow as a result of getting shocked.

Express fear

The sound of a human sneeze may feel very close to hissing to any cat because of the similarity of tones. Cats get intimidated or even scared from a hiss coming from some other creature and this might prove to be true in the case of you sneezing too. Some people sneeze hysterically and that can actually make the cat meow in fear which is like crying softly.

Seeking attention

Cats love attention and they might do random things on random occasions for making their owners cater to them. One such case can be of them meowing at your sneeze to catch your attention and then tell me why you made that sound. It’s a way for them to chatter with you because they know you will listen to them once they meow.

Some other reactions of cats to sneezing sounds

why does my cat meow when I sneeze

Why do cats meow when you sneeze is one thing but there are so many other ways cats can respond to any situation. Similarly, there are a variety of responses your cat can give to you sneezing, and here are some of the common ones:

Your cat may attack you!

The sneezing sound may make the cat think that you are prey as they fail to understand if that’s a human sound and as a result, attack you. It can be an attack of any level from playful to aggressive.

Your cat may just cackle up!

Cackling is another cat sound that they prefer for communication and toys. Your cat may use this sound to respond to your sneeze rather than meowing. It can also be a way it may try to mimic you.

Your cat may take off!

Instead of meowing if the sneeze startles it your cat may just take on its paws and run away from you. This is a sign that they didn’t like the sound at all.

Your cat may come closer to you!

In some cases, your cat may even come near you for checking what’s wrong with you that you made that sound.


So, if you wonder why does my cat meow when I sneeze, then you must try to observe the pattern of this behavior of your cat and assess it in tandem with the possibilities we discussed above. However, you may still have a cat that won’t respond at all and that’s also completely normal.

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