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Picking The Best Couch Material For Cats – Cats And Furniture

You may need to know about the best couch material for cats to get furniture made for your house that is safe against cat damages like scratches, spills, or fur. It is difficult to make your cat stop scratching but it’s possible to have your furniture and other stuff protected and this is why we are here to help you with choosing the best couches for cats that won’t fall apart with a single session of clawing.

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Why Do Cats Groom Each other ? –Cat Grooming Behavior Explained

As per feline studies and observations, cats perform grooming for nearly half of their lives in some or the other way and this behavior has given rise to many strange questions, ‘why do cats groom each other’ being one of them. It may be too gross for you to imagine grooming another human but cats lick each other vehemently mostly. As you read, you will be fascinated with the various reasons and aspects of the process of cats grooming each other.

There is a huge difference between the self-grooming of cats and when they groom other cats. Read on to know more.

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Everything You Should Know About A Narrow Cat Litter Box

After getting a cat, the next stop for a pet owner is generally the pet store to get kitty supplies. A cat litter box tops the list of things that you like to buy. However, fewer people pay much attention to a cat litter box. When you look at a litter box, they look similar to one another. However, not all cat litter boxes are created similarly. For instance, you will find a narrow cat litter box, a large litter box, and so on.

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Why Does My Cat Lick Plastic Bags ? – Cats’ Love For Plastic

There is no close end to the weird things that felines do and out of all the worries those behavior cause to you, one is ‘Why does my cat lick plastic bags’. It cannot be denied that cats licking plastic spark a genuine concern among their owners since the harmful impacts of the ingestion of plastic are known to everyone. In that case, you as a responsible cat owner will definitely want to understand this behavior of there to become able to handle this action accordingly.

We are going to help you with every aspect of this cat behavior as you will move down reading the article and leave all the puzzles solved.

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Why Does My Cat Drink From The Toilet ? – Causes And Cure

You may get disgusted every time upon wondering ‘why does my cat drink from the toilet’ and there is probably no answer that you could have come up with for that action of your cat. However, there exist many genuine reasons behind your cat drinking out of toilet no matter how hard it would be for you to believe them. Read on to know more about this cat's behavior and how to deal with it.

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Why Do Cats Paw At Water ? – Understand The Cat Behavior

With all sorts of weird things that cats do in a day, the thought ‘why do cats paw at water’ must have also floated through your mind upon seeing them dip their paws in the water bowls for no easily understandable reason. In such cases, you may have gotten confused if the matter is serious enough requiring to be dealt with cautiously. We are here to help you with all such confusion by explaining the theories that are believed to be functional behind this habit of cats and then telling you how to deal with it.

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Cats Sleeping On Back – Meaning Of The Cat On Back Posture Explained!

Looking at cats sleeping on back can be an extremely delightful as well as funny sight because that’s something you might not get to see too often. However, when they sleep or just lay like this, it means a lot of things because this sleeping position is not a casual one and puts the cat at a very vulnerable status.

Felines are complicated creatures, more so because they are not one of us and it isn’t easy at all to understand them due to their inability to communicate in our language. Thus, it is our responsibility to try and understand them when they try to communicate with us by giving us signals through their actions that include scent marking, different body postures, gestures, etc.

So, when a cat lays on back and sleeps that way too, you must know what it means to not end up harming them and we are going to help you with that as you read.

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Why Does My Cat Sit On Me ? – Know The Reasons Here

Cats can be affectionate a lot. Sometimes, these feline beings will figure out at what time you come back from work and wait at the doorsteps for you, wanting scritches and pets. They will meow for snuggles, rub against your legs, or bump you with their heads. Several cats follow their pet owners everywhere, just like a tiny duckling while some cats sit on their laps. So, if you are wondering why does my cat sit on me it may be out of love!

Also, there is a social bonding element involved too. Some cats yearn for cuddles and snuggles, which is the reason you might come across two kitties lying on one another or sleeping together. That same bonding even translates to humans as well if you are thinking about “why does my cat sit on my lap?”

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Are My Cats Playing Or Fighting ? Learn All Reasons Here

Are my cats playing or fighting? Sometimes, it is quite hard to tell whether our cats are fierce foes or furry friends! From play-fights to playful tumbles, our cats often act like enemies and try to mock fight. However, this is absolutely normal behavior of cats and helps them to set boundaries, bond, and learn more about one another.

However, if your cats seem a bit too aggressive, then it might be time for checking whether they are fighting or playing. As furry beings with an actual disagreement can cause each other stress of harm, it is significant to identify the signs of an actual cat-fight and assist them in getting along!

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