Everything You Should Know About A Narrow Cat Litter Box

After getting a cat, the next stop for a pet owner is generally the pet store to get kitty supplies. A cat litter box tops the list of things that you like to buy. However, fewer people pay much attention to a cat litter box. When you look at a litter box, they look similar to one another. However, not all cat litter boxes are created similarly. For instance, you will find a narrow cat litter box, a large litter box, and so on.


When it comes to a litter box, cats can be particular about the shape, depth, size, and other parameters. Think about this in a way, how would you feel if the tool you have to use every day is cramped and super small? Or if you have to climb over a wall or walk through a maze for getting to your bathroom? Or if your toilet flush randomly whenever you walk by it?

So, none of these scenarios sound quite fun. Yet this is exactly what it can be like for a cat whose only options are a narrow cat litter box that is too small or comprises enclosures or sides that are awkward to navigate. As for the randomly flushing issue, this is a real problem for cats with an automatic scooping narrow little box. Most kitties are spooked by their movement and sound that come from these boxes.

And if your feline friends are spooked or inconvenienced by the size, complexity of their boxes, they are more likely to look for a more comfortable and less spooky spot. Your bed or laundry will work great for that!

To avoid that, it is best to avoid wrong litter boxes. For this, follow some tips to ensure that you find the perfect litter box for your cat. In this way, your furry friend does not have to deal with the stress that a wrong litter box causes.

Why to Select A Narrow Cat Litter Box

narrow cat litter box

Some of the pet owners live in a studio or small apartment that does not have a lot of space available. That’s the reason people often prefer a narrow litter box for maximizing the limited free space. A narrow litter box fits tight indoors perfectly.

When it comes to a cat litter box for a small apartment, you have to consider the location and space. Both the best place and the amount of space for a litter box in your apartment will determine what it is going to work for your feline friend and cat.

This is probably the right decision you can make for a small household. Also, some cats do not have any issues with a shallow and tight litter box. However, you need to consider the type of litter boxes that a cat prefers and the type of litter boxes that you should go for. To know more, read on!

Types of Litter Boxes Many Cats Prefer

While each cat could be different, studies show that felines tend to feature some universal preferences in terms of a litter box. Here are some things that you should know about kitties and their litter box preferences:

Small Litter Particles

Cats prefer finer litter particles as compared to crystal-type or pellet ones. Of course, it is obvious as cats were desert-dwelling animals originally that used to bury their excreta in the sand. Also, finer particles feel better and softer on their little paws. Thus, cats prefer finer particles in their narrow cat litter boxes.

Odor Free

Cats like unscented litters as compared to the scented ones. The sense of smell in your cat is a bit fine-tuned than human beings. So, it is better to get an odor-free litter for your cat rather than going for a litter having a flowery odor or another type of scent.

Types of Litter Many People Prefer

So, your kitty is more likely to go with a fine particle, clumping clay, unscented litter. In the market, there are so many options available to select from for such litters. Now, you know what is going to make your furry friend happen, it is best to go for qualities in a litter that keep you happy as well.

Hard and Fast Clumping

This helps in minimizing messes and makes it simpler for pet owners to clean or scoop. Also, this minimizes the possibility of urine-soaked litter clumps, which can stick to the tail or paws of your cat.

Odor Absorbent

No one likes the smell of cat’s pee and poo. One can add activated charcoal or baking soda around or directly to the litter. This helps in keeping ammonia or other odors in the box in check.

Low Dust

This is not important just for keeping your furniture, electronics, and floors free from fine layers of litter dust but also for keeping the lungs of your cat and yours clean. It is quite an important aspect related to a litter box, which you cannot avoid if your cat has asthma.

Low Tracking 

It is quite safe to state that you want the litter of your cat to stay in the litter box and not be tracked about the house. You can look for anti-track litter boxes that suit the needs of your cat and yours too. Also, you can look for anti-tracking litter mats.

Watch this video to see a cat playing with the cat litter box set up, containing a litter box and a cat litter mat.

How Many Litter Boxes One Should Get?

In a household having one cat, it should not be like there is just one litter box and done! While getting a litter box, you should have options. Everyone likes to enjoy varieties. Thus, it is not a bad idea to offer varieties to your cat too when it comes to a place where they are going to pee and poo.

The common rule is to get one more litter box than the total number of kitties you own. This rule is known as “n+1” rule. So, if you have two cats, then you need to have three litter boxes.

Having fewer litter boxes is a common reason behind many toileting issues for cats. Therefore, you need to visit their vet every now and then or relinquished them to the cat shelter.

Is a Narrow Covered Litter Box Take Lots of Space?

As compared to an open litter box, people believe that a covered litter box takes lots of space. However, this is not true. These litter boxes can be taller than the open ones. The issue with a narrow covered litter box is that they offer a claustrophobic presence.

Cats do not like dark and tight places due to their natural instincts. So, if you place your cat in a dark and shallow area, they would not know what to do! However, modern cat litters offer a cat-friendly and safe environment.

Why Should You Go With A Tall Narrow Litter Box?

Many people require a narrow cat litter box, where the sides of the box have to be tall. There are lots of benefits of using high-sided cat litter boxes. It does not matter whether your kitty is a high sprayer or not, it’s always safer to buy a tall narrow litter box.

If your feline friend likes to cover their excreta with litters, then spill lots of litter around their box. Also, the tall sides offer a great deal of privacy to cats. Cats like the delusion that a narrow litter box could create. It gives them a sense of feeling that they have entered a premium area, where they can carry out their business in private.

Nowadays, litter box manufacturers usually integrate high sides in a litter box. So, a tall narrow litter box performs better than the rest. If you want to spot the bad odor from occupying the interiors and like to have the interior walls stay clean, it is best to buy a tall narrow litter box for your cat.


A narrow cat litter box is perfect for tight indoors. Also, many cats are not claustrophobic. Some cats love narrow litter boxes. It looks like a new litter for cats comes out all the time. Although it is great to have choices in the kind of litter you buy, too many options can feel overwhelming sometimes.

As all households are different, every cat has their own preferences and needs. It is best to choose a litter box depending on what your cat needs. If you are still confused about whether you should go with a narrow litter box or not, write your query in the comment section below.

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