Finding The Perfect Toys For Blind Cats To Keep Them Joyous And Active

The world can be an equally difficult place for both blind humans and animals. Just like blind humans use specialized objects for their daily activities, blind animals have needs too and toys are one such great requirement. The toys for blind cats can be a great help in making the blind cats active and improving their daily life.


This article is our dedication to the blind kitties where we seek to help them by guiding you on how to care better for them with blind cat toys.

Things to keep in mind while choosing the right toy

It’s not really complicated and let us give you some simple rules:

  • Understand the needs and behavior of your cat to set the priorities.
  • All the senses except vision get the blind kitties going and you need to find the right toys for blind cats that activate and involve each of them.
  • Choose outdoor games only when the cat shows confident signals to be ready for them.
  • Go beyond the basic games as they can get boring for the cat.
  • Love and care for your pet realize with some supervision, so take care of that too.

Toys making sounds

toys for blind cats

The blind cats make ears as their prime weapon, primary communication medium, as well as prey detector. It is to utilize this fact to our advantage the sound-making toys for blind cats can be a great choice. Such toys work by keeping the hearing sense of the cats engaged so that they remain active most of the time and in the process, their hearing abilities become sharper.

One such great toy is the Petlinks Cat toy that is an electronic sound-making toy. There are four different variants of this toy and all of them make different animal sounds to attract the kitties towards them into making leaps, pouncing, and chasing so that they remain active. The best part is that these toys also have a refillable catnip center that keeps the toy alluring for the cat always.

You can pick up so many other toys like balls that make crinkling sounds, ball chasing games, jingle balls, cat springs, etc.

Toys with special smells

toys for blind cats

The nasal receptors of cats are ten times better than the humans and this makes smelly blind cat toys another great choice for them. Cats love some special smells, catnip is one of their top favorites, and the toys with such smells can attract them easily. This boosts their searching, navigating, and hunting capabilities all at once.

You can try toys like the SmartyKat rat catnip that are Rat model toys filled with the organic and safe catnip that easily tantalizes the cats. This product is made with fully organic and certified organic components that are safe for the cat to nibble on. Your blind cat will develop a better ability to hunt by chasing the smell and get the feel of treating a mouse right under its claw.

If not with toys, you can still get your lousy blind kitty into action by just throwing around some catnip on any safe place and have a fun time watching them chasing and rolling over.

Toys with special textures

toys for blind cats

Scratching acts like a therapeutic activity for almost all the cats and it can be even more important for the blind cats as we are aware of the other-senses-activation principle that works with them and touch is the sense in this case. Having sharp and fresh nails also makes the cats feel good.

The Scratchy Cardboard box scratcher by Petmate can be one of the blind cat toys your cat can have. This box is very long-lasting as it has a reversible built and perfect for the cat claw scratches. The product also includes catnip infused toys and some tassels too to keep the cat even more engaged for a stretched playtime.

Other toys like a massager, self-grooming scratchers, etc. can be a great friend to your blind kitty as they can help themselves with the scratching needs when you are not close.

Some other great blind cat toys options

The toys that we discussed above catered to the most important senses of blind cats. There are a lot of other toys for blind cats that have the pure purpose of keeping the kitties engaged and also help them develop various abilities in the process. Let’s see some such examples.

  • Certain toys can play with the tasting capacities of cats like food puzzles and other toys that can be filled with tasty treats.
  • You can have fun training your blind cats with training kits that come with all the instructions and certain amazing games to boost various survival skills of the cat.
  • Cats love to climb and they have amazing capabilities of gauging the distances. Based on this fact are made toys like cat condos, cat wheels, penthouses, etc. that give them the fun of exploring.
  • Interactive games are also very good options that include you in the playing process too. It is very important that you play with the kitty personally to enhance your bonding with the pet and wand blind cat toys are a great option for this.
  • Warm cat beds are also great for blind cats as they help them rest well for a proper calming down of their senses.

Tips on taking care of blind cats

Small efforts like these can make the life of a blind cat better:

  • You may rearrange or remove unwanted furniture to keep them safe.
  • Always put the kittens in familiar places while shifting them.
  • Take care not to startle them and start with some soft greeting and petting.
  • Be patient with them.
  • Never leave them alone outdoors.


Surely the toys for blind cats can be a great help as well as treat for these special pets, however, your time and personal care are even more precious. Being with blind cats is not that difficult so don’t give up that easily. Guide them into becoming better with their situation and your cat will learn fast as they are equally able for the same.

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