Tips On What To Feed A Stray Cat- Food options for it.

Before thinking about what to feed a stray cat, most people struggle with ambiguities related to the logicality of feeding a homeless cat. Some don’t want the cats to become regular visitors while some fear objections raised by the neighbors. However, we suggest you think about the miserable feeling of scavenging for food all around and then act accordingly.

Feeding a stray cat isn’t a problem unless you know the right food to give along with the right way. Let us help you with all of this.


Identifying the visiting cat

what to feed a stray cat

Before you think about what to feed a stray kitten, you might want to know whom are you receiving at your doors. Different cats come looking for food and you might not always be able to help.

  • Feral cats are the anti-social felines who avoid human contact or presence.
  • Abandoned cats have no permanent place to stay and they might be tamed too.
  • Free-roaming cats are just the street cats that were never owned.
  • Lost cats are the house pets that may be getting looked for frantically.

You may fall in love with a regular feline visitor and think of adopting it too beyond just feeding. Act accordingly after identification.

Food basics for the stray cats

You may not want to feel guilty about any mishap that might occur after feeding the wrong food to a stray cat. To avoid that, follow these tips while sorting out what to feed stray cats.

Let’s begin with the don’ts:

  • Avoid giving milk to the cats against the popular notion that they love it. A hungry cat will consume it surely but milk is generally indigestible for the cats. Milk should only be given to very young kittens.
  • Never think of giving dog food to the cats for the simple reason that it is meant for the dogs and dogs are not similar cats.
  • Cats are carnivores by nature and this means that fruits and vegetables are not a part of their natural diet. They might suffer gastric issues upon consumption of certain veggies and fruits.
  • Chocolates and other sweets are a complete no.
  • Any food like nuts, garlic, onions, etc. that build acids shouldn’t be given to felines.
  • Don’t give meat by-products as the primary ingredient.
  • Grainy cat meals must also be avoided at best.
  • Never give microwave heated or hot food to the cats.

Here are tips on what can I feed a stray cat:

  • Fishes are good food for the stray cats as their strong smell easily attracts them into eating it. However, don’t give them regularly.
  • Any chicken meal is good for the cats but it has to be plain.
  • Prefer cooked food over anything else as you may not want unwanted bacteria to enter the cat’s body.
  • Cat food is certainly the best option to keep in handy if you keep getting regular feline visitors in your backyard.
  • Always keep a water source ready for them.

Some great food options for the stray cats

If you are not sure as to what do stray cats eat, then here are some safe food options that you can trust for the cats.

what to feed a stray cat

Boiled chicken

This the best savory dish that cats relish all the time. Little portions of cooked chicken can be a great meal for cats as it supplies all the nutrients essential for the cat’s health. Make sure that the chicken is fully plain and free of bones.


Another amazing and favorite meal of the cats is eggs that are protein-packed and also a major part of their natural diet as they do prey on bird eggs. Both hard-boiled or scrambled eggs can be opted to feed to the cats.

A mash of boiled vegetables

To decide what to feed a stray cat, protein-rich foods like meat are the best and easy option. However, veggies are also chosen by them many times. You can try giving baked and mashes veggies to the cats and continue if they like it.


This veggie is rich in fiber and low on calories that help to regulate the stool movement and gut mobility in cats too. It’s one of the healthiest and safest foods for stray felines and you can even use the store-bought pumpkin meals.


Brown bread is packed with fiber and essential proteins that make them cat-friendly food options. This can be the quickest snack for a stray and remains available at home mostly.


These can be a safe and nutrient-rich snack for a stray cat to fill them with the right amount of soluble fiber and potassium. Make sure to give them in a regulated amount as you don’t want a calorie burst in the cat’s body.

Preparing food for stray cats at home

If you are thinking about what to feed a stray cat without cat food and would like to cook something all by yourself for you feel especially affectionate to the felines, here are some recipes you can try. It’s easier to make homemade food once you have noticed the liking of your cat and can make a nutrient-packed meal that can be made in big batches. Watch this.

Salmon and chicken meal

  • Two cups of ground raw chicken with bones
  • One cup of salmon, raw
  • One yolk
  • Some basic chicken broth

Grind these ingredients nicely in any high-power food processer. You can serve this dish a little warm to your stray. It can be stored too in the freezer for use over the next three days at best.

Mackerel and tuna meal

  • Two cups of canned plain tuna
  • One cup of canned plain mackerel
  • Some basic chicken broth
  • One tbsp of cooked brown rice

Puree all the ingredients nicely into a smooth paste. This dish can be served immediately and for the next three days at best.

Chicken bone recipe

  • 2 kgs of rawboned meat
  • 400 g raw heart
  • 3 gm raw liver
  • 4 yolks
  • Two cups of water
  • Salmon oil
  • 800 IU Vit E
  • 4 capsules of Vit B-50

Grind all the meat components first into a smooth paste. Now mix the other ingredients and supplements to this slurry. You can serve it and store it for future moments of what to feed a stray cat.

Combo meal of beaten liver, lentils, and rice

This meal is packed with proteins, iron, magnesium, and copper; all of these nutrients are great for cat health. An occasional feeding of this meal to the strays can give them a major health boost which they do deserve. However, keep it moderate as too much liver may harm them.

Rice and chicken broth

A simple meal of just these two ingredients can give the required supply of phosphorous and calcium to the cats for the healthy development of their teeth and bones. You can prepare a big batch of this meal, store it, and keep giving it at regular intervals. Don’t use store-bought broth.

Final words

It is good to be sure about what to feed a stray cat as it gives you the satisfaction of showing your care rightly. You can also get medical help, hygiene care, etc. to the strays and might even adopt them. Just never ignore a poor hungry cat for they deserve a full stomach just like us.

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