CBD Oil For Pets: Benefits and Safety Concerns

Many people consider giving CBD oil for pets or adding cannabidiol to their pet's meal because of its benefits. Since hemp is legal in the United States now, the number of parents wanting the best for their furry children is also growing. You can read more information about hemp in this link here. They now have access to oil, creams, treats, and tinctures that can alleviate the pain of their dogs and cats.

For many people who think that marijuana doesn’t have benefits except to help a person forget about his problems, they should think again. There is medical marijuana, which is a strain from the same plant called Cannabis sativa that provides lots of benefits to people and animals alike. The beneficial effects are even more potent to animals, and they can forget their symptoms of arthritis and seizures for months while taking the oil.

This can be surprising that cannabidiol that is way different from the common weed or marijuana can provide therapeutic aid without the hangover of getting “high.” Cannabidiol is a compound that has lesser THC than its weed counterpart, and it is commonly extracted from hemp. The same hemp that many companies use for industrial purposes.

As with any other trending products, there are lots of information traveling around the internet when it comes to CBD and its use. You indeed want what’s best for your pets, which has led you to ask the questions, what is CBD? How does it help my pet, and how do I get an excellent hemp product?

During the entirety of this article, we are going to be discussing what CBD oil is, its benefits, the risk, and potential side effects. You can check this wikipedia reference for some tips on how to get started with cannabis products for dogs and cats.


What Is CBD Oil?

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a compound derived from the leaves and buds of a cannabis and hemp plant. Experts believe it contains no, or very little delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound responsible for giving marijuana its psychoactive effect.

The majority of products are gotten from hemp and not from marijuana. Studies have shown that cannabidiol contains as little as 0.3% THC, which is safe for consumption, while on the other hand, marijuana contains as much as 30% THC, which causes the “high feeling in its consumer.

How Does CBD Affect pets?

As of now, there is no definitive conclusion on how the compound affects pets. Researchers believe it interacts with endocannabinoid receptors in their central nervous systems and peripheral organs, which helps keep the body in a healthy state and maintain the overall health of the pet. The link below has some useful insight into how cannabis affects animals.


What Are The Benefits of Cannabis Oil?

It is considered as a therapeutically potent treatment for pets. It is useful in relieving several medical conditions such as anxiety, stress, arthritis, pain, seizures, and in some cases, dog cancer.

Although administering cannabidiol to tackle these medical conditions is under-studied, there are still lots of evidence for each one of them.


Studies have shown that cannabidiol shares metabolic pathways with anti-inflammatory drugs, which helps with dealing with some level of inflammatory conditions. Arthritis, hepatitis, and many other diseases that end with itis is an inflammatory condition.

However, arthritis is the most common inflammatory condition in animals, especially dogs. Studies have proven that over 50% of dogs develop this disease. CBD helps to tackle this condition; you only need to administer it to your pets twice daily.


It is a misleading theory that since it helps to deal with inflammatory conditions, that it can fully help to treat anxiety also. That theory is wrong because cannabidiol can only tackle worries brought upon by pain and inflammation. Since it doesn’t possess any psychoactive ingredients, it cannot resolve canine anxiety in pets.


When your cats and dogs suffer from seizures, it can be due to many conditions. But now, experts believe that administering cannabis can help limit the occurrence of seizures in cats, dogs, and almost all animals.


Many pet owners administer cannabidiol to their pets to help with their inflammatory pain, especially back pain as a result of vertebral disc disease.

Experts believe that products that contain both CBD and THC are suited to deal with back pains. While for dogs, any product containing THC shouldn’t be administered to them because it can bring about unwanted results.

Benefits of CBD Oil For Pets

The most surprising thing for many pet parents is that CBD oil is not just exclusive to people. It is also helpful to their four-legged friends. The oil can cure physical maladies and even emotional behaviors such as anxiety and extreme agitation. You can read more about mysterious maladies here.

The topical cream, oil, biscuits, and treats were polled over, and many researchers aim to find out which kitty or puppy is using which methods of administering CBD. Most of the products are available in liquid form so that they can be easier to take and digest. No matter what the form is, many researchers believe that as long as a treat is infused with cannabidiol, it can be used to manage stress and anxieties.

The Side Effects of Cannabidiol in Pets

cbd oil for pets

The following are possible side effects of CBD, but to minimize these effects, make sure to follow the recommended dosage of this compound.

Decreased blood pressure

large doses of the compound can lead to a temporary drop in blood pressure. Even if it is only a small drop, it can result in a feeling of light-headedness or mild illness.

Dry mouth

Studies have shown that when cannabidiol is administered in high doses, it can result in a decrease in saliva production. For most pets, it would lead to increased thirst.


Most pets owners use CBD to treat anxiety in their cats and dogs. The calm brings to them can make them feel a little bit tired, especially when it has been administered in high doses.

We suggest that to prevent these side effects that you prescribe smaller doses to your pets, and then consistently monitor the outcome. Also, conduct with your veterinarian for further advice.

Finding a Good Product

If you decide to try out hemp as a treatment for your pets, there are few things to note when purchasing CBD oil and there are as follows;

Make sure it is organic

If you buy a product that isn’t organic, at least make sure it doesn’t contain toxic chemicals that can cause harm to your furry friends.

Purchase it as a liquid

Of course, there is the option of buying treats that contains CBD, but we suggest you purchase oil tinctures for them. By doing so, you get to be in control of the dosage, and you can easily adjust it drop by drop.

Check for certificate

Make sure that your provider presents a document that shows the CBD concentration in the product. There are lots of products out there that contain very little cannabidiol. The certificate will also provide information concerning the THC levels in your product.

A Peek into Pet’s Life on CBD

Lots of owners are gleeful because their dogs are also wagging in happiness because of the improvements. After administering the oil, about 70% reported that their furry companions were able to experience significant improvements.

Some see their dogs suffering from anxiety, decrease in appetite, lethargy, and self-isolation. In these cases, all the owners were able to eliminate most of the behavioral problems and lower the anxiety levels by about 71%. The introduction of the oil was made gradually, and they discovered that increasing the dose over time can help as well.

Pet Owner Testimonials and Stories

cbd oil for pets

An owner named Carole testified that her old English Mastiff that displayed severe arthritis and dysplasia in the hops were helped immensely by the oil. You can read an official statement like that of Carole, made by other pet parents when you visit the link provided. They are from other owners who also believed and testified that CBD works.

Now, back to Carole. She said that her mastiff doesn’t have to take anti-inflammatory medications anymore when she tried the oil. She and her mastiff Coco are now trying the oil for a month. She said that Coco is different as she doesn’t space out all the time, and she seems to be out of pain now.

Another owner, called Ari Gwinn, said that her 12-year old chihuahua benefited from using CBD in just two weeks. The vet diagnosed her chihuahua with melanoma and prescribed pain killer medications. Ari described the medicines to be non-functional and made her chihuahua more lethargic than ever. This was when she decided to try cannabidiol. Today, her chihuahua days are better as her dog can now run occasionally at her yard. The little cutie pie also doesn’t seem to experience lethargy and any other side effects as well.

A user named Harley posted on a social media site that his chihuahua Matty might have died if he did not discover CBD. Today, Matty is still alive and kicking and they are loving every minute spent with him. Matty has liver cancer and the vet says that he has 5 months to live. But 6 months later, Matty is still eating well and drinking more water than ever. The chihuahua is also seizure-free without getting high.

These are just the anecdotes of many owners that believed in CBD. If this medication is an excellent addition for your pet, then try it. There are no side effects, and you can improve your pet’s life in the process, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get it.

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