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Why Does Cat Poop Smell So Bad? The Apt Ways To Deal With Bad Odor From Your Cat

Is your cat exhibiting the worst imaginable odor? This may be a pretty surprising behavior for the cat owners as they may be used to a more finicky nature coming from their furry friends.

In my own case, this death-like odor used to emanate from my cat Oliver, who had exhibited a very grave odor around the house, which was later diagnosed and found out as a dietary cause. There are, in fact, ample reasons for why does cat poop smell so bad, which we are going to find reasons for and solve in the segments below.

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Pretty Litter Reviews: A Good Way To Know About Your Cat’s Health

It is only natural that as a doting cat parent, you would obviously be involved and concerned about your cat’s health. When your cute cat starts to display a sick behavior, it can get stressful for both you and your family members in your home.

In such a case, it would be pretty nice to be capable of detecting any initial condition yourself that your cat may be enduring before it starts to develop to a critical point. This is why we are offering an apt solution in the form of Pretty litter product, which serves to take out such guesswork out of your life.

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How Many Kittens Are In A Litter? What To Expect When Your Cat Is Expecting?

Are you wondering: How many kittens are in a litter? Read more to know the number of kittens your cat has in her litter!

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Is your furry friend about to give birth any day now? Are you excited and curious about how to make room for them all? Are you wondering how many kittens are going to thrive and what their sizes are going to be? Rest assured if your pregnant cat has become your new found obsession right now, we can definitely help you further through this article by giving out the best advice on what to expect when your cat is expecting and how many kittens are in a litter.

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Why Does My Kitten Have Diarrhea? Safeguard Your Kitty’s Bowel System

Is your furry kitten experiencing diarrhea at your home? Are you feeling helpless about your kitten frequently pooping everywhere around the house? Are you looking for good home remedies to address your kitten’s diarrhea problem? These are problems, which were faced by me only a while back with my own precious little kitten. 

Though this may be worrisome, it can be resolved through proper information and some useful home remedies to treat diarrhea. My kitten is now fully recovered, and the treatments given to you in this column are my contributions to all cat parents to solving their personal crisis.

If these questions come close to the issues you are facing, then you have come to the right place to get your well-merited answers. This article can provide you with simple reasons and solutions to the question, “why does my kitten have diarrhea?” But before we move forward, it is firstly important to know about the symptoms of diarrhea so that you may acknowledge them.

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How Often Do Cats Poop? Is Thrice A Day Normal?

Although the question raised in the title is strange, but if you have a cat at your home, then you would understand how important is to know ‘ How often do cats poop ’?

If your cat is pooping too much or too less, then it might be a matter of concern. Your cat’s health is of prime importance, and pooping too much can also cause sanitary related issues which can lead to various diseases. If your cat is experiencing regular bowel movements, then it ensures that he/she is not suffering from any digestion related problem.

If you think that there is a simple answer to this, then you are mistaken. The frequency of your cat’s poop depends upon lots of factors which we have thoroughly discussed in this article. We have also described different ways by which you can make your cat poop on a daily basis.