Okocat Litter Reviews: Best Cat Litter For Keeping Your Home Cleaner

Do you have allergy owing to your cat’s litter? Are you looking out for a sound and natural litter for your cat’s hygiene needs? Is it difficult to scoop out fresh poop and urine excretes every morning from your cat’s litter box? Is your clay-based cat litter creating more dust problems than necessary?

If these predicaments come close to the situations that you are facing at your home, then I have got an efficient and well appreciated natural product with genuine okocat litter reviews.


Where did my story begin?


I have three cats Kitt, Kuki and Oliver at my home and both of them are really cute. Nevertheless, irrespective of their cuteness, they used to fill my home with the foul odor of their feces and pee. I was pretty much fed up of cleaning the dirt as well as with spraying my home tons of time with a room freshener.

This was when I started looking up for a cat litter. I came across the Okocat Litter, which had many good reviews. So, I bought it and guess what, all my cat littering problems vanished away just like that. This product has saved my kids from the germs spread by the cat’s poop. Plus, now I can simply just throw away my cat’s excrement without even sighting the poop.


The Okocat litter has helped me in my endeavor of scooping out my cat’s litter every day, which is why I strongly recommend it to all the cat owners out there. You would know what I’m about talking about only when you try the Okocat Litter.

Between the regular cleaning of the litter box and the dust particles all over the house, you must be genuinely worried about some aspects of your cat’s litter product, now that you have taken to seeking answers on the web. We are here to reassure you that there are indeed some excellent natural solutions along with good product reviews available on our page. This blog post has an efficient and easy to use solution for all ailurophiles out there, through comprehensive okocat litter reviews.

Things to consider before buying a cat litter


There are some factors that you need to take into account when buying a cat litter. These include:

1. Ability to absorb

One of the most significant factors while buying a cat litter is its ability to absorb. The cat litter should be able to absorb all the liquid and solid material from a cat’s pee or feces. This will make it easy for you to clean up and manage your cat’s excretes in the litter box.

2. Durability

The cat litter should be durable enough to work for a long time so that you do not have to rush to the market in every few months.

3. Substance ingredients

The ingredients in the cat litter are of utmost importance since they determine the end product. This depends on what type of ingredients you would want in your cat litter product. It is advised to go for an organic cat litter, if any member of your family suffers from some kind of allergy to airborne dust and clay particles.

4. No scent

Studies show that most of the cats like a cat litter product that does not come with any fragrance. In fact, in some cases cats loathe the odor so much so that they start refraining from the litter box. However, if you still what some kind of odor-control in the cat litter, you can go for a cat litter with activated charcoal or carbon ingredients.

Hopefully, through my okocat litter reviews, you can get a fair and comprehensive idea of what type of cat litter products you should use.

What You Need to Know About Okocat litter

What is Okocat litter?


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The okocat litter is a good alternative to most of the other clay-based litter products that pet owners regularly use. The clay-based litter products often produce more dust particles than necessary and cause toxic and strong odors inside the house, thus leading to difficulty in breathing for the residents.

The okocat litter, on the other hand, is made with a pine-based recycled item and its odor is very similar to pine wood. This product is devoid of any grain, grass, or clay particles, thus eliminating the risks of developing an allergy inside the house. This product is comparatively a lot softer with a better smell than all the other cat litter products that you have been using till today. The product is additionally free of unsafe synthetic scents, chemicals, and additives. The okocat litter also claims to be soft on the tiny paws of your furry friend and safe enough for flushing.

It is manufactured in the following varieties:

  • Clumping wood litter
  • Extreme soft clumping wood cat litter
  • Long hair clumping wood natural litter
  • Cracked pine wood natural litter
  • Dust-free paper natural litter
  • Featherweight clumping wood litter

Who should use Okocat litter?

Since Okocat Litter comes in several varieties, it is suitable for everyone depending on their requirements and preferences. There is one for everyone. I have personally used the Okocat cracked pine wood natural litter and clumping wood litter so I can vouch for these. Others too are great according to their reviews.

Cleaning the litter box can be a source of wearisome routine to some cat parents. The okocat litter, thus, makes it easier to clean your furry friend’s litter box as it never leaves behind clumped parts of stool, owing to its efficient absorbing and odor-less features. This is completely natural and is a must-have for all cat parents, especially for those who suffer from allergy problems.


  • Biodegradable flushable
  • Seven-day odor control
  • Natural antibacterial
  • Good absorbent
  • Environmental friendly
  • User-friendly
  • Long lasting


  • Does not clump
  • Pretty expensive
  • Light tracking

If you have any more doubts, you can refer to this helpful online video:

Features and Benefits of Okocat Litter Reviews


The Okocat litter is a perfect janitor for a cat litter box, giving prior importance to odor and hygiene control. Its key components, i.e., paper materials and natural wood are extremely absorbent and depend on organic plant fibers to lock in unwanted odors so that they do not evade and pollute your home. To enumerate a few, some of its key benefits are:

1. A natural choice:

This product is made from salvaged and unused fallen timber and lumber materials. It is a good step towards being environmentally friendly and safe. In addition, your furry friend may otherwise find difficulty in scraping hard kinds of litter and, thus, will adjust better to soft and natural formulas.

2. Free from risky chemicals: 

The okocat litter is devoid of harmful synthetic scents, chemicals, and additives, thus shielding your family’s health. This product does not hold any chemical stench-masking fragrances and agents, which are regularly present in the clay-based products. These are believed to irritate or set off asthma and further respiratory problems in both humans and cats. In addition, cats have a very sharp sense of smell, and they dislike strong smells in their litter boxes. Read more about best litters for asthmatic cats.

3. Naturally lightweight:

The pine wood particles in the product do not carry a lot of weight and are lighter than clay products. You can easily carry the regular product package by hand, unlike other products. It is extremely soft on your furry friend’s paws as well.

okocat litter reviews

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4. Easy to open and good storage:

The packages of Okocat litter are quite user-friendly. You can effortlessly open and pour the contents whenever required. The box is made in such a way that you can also store its contents and carry them wherever you want.

5. Little or nil airborne dust particles:

This product is quite useful for allergic cats or human beings in the family. Owing to its natural fiber ingredients and non-powdery texture, the product provides a haven for easy breathing and efficient home clean up.

6. Good absorbing power:

The texture and ingredients of the Okocat litter make certain that your cat would stay dry and clean for longer periods. One good thing is that this kitty litter lasts four to six weeks. Also, its fibers made out of natural plant ingredients help in trapping the odor for 7 days according to the product advertising.

7. Biodegradable flushable: 

Through the use of this product, your cat’s excreting remains would tend to degrade speedily in a clean fashion. This is unlike the regular clay-based cat litters, which sit in landfills for numerous years. Plus, the Okocat litter has the additional use of being flushable for the cleaning convenience of all cat parents. It is one of the top 4 best flushable cat litter highly rated by customers.

Customer Reviews: Okocat Litter Reviews


Most people were initially apprehensive about the non-clumping feature of the Okocat litter, but this was soon tackled through the use of wood-based litter offered by Okocat. Also, most people have appreciated its odor-less trait, which is usually present in most other cat litters out there, along with its impressive flushing ability.

However, a few users complain that the Okocat litter is a tad hard to pour in the litter box, as it litters all around the litter box and the box is also quite heavy. This means you can handle it with a large scoop. Moreover, people who are allergic to wood dust might get an allergic reaction from it.

Overall, the product has received a warm welcome and is highly appreciated as an alternative to clay-based cat litters.

Best okocat litter - Ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter Review


As I have already mentioned above, I use the Ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter and it pretty great. As the name of this cat litter suggests, it is made from wood. Okocat claims that it can control the odor up to 7 days and can absorb 500% of its liquid weight, which is very much true as I found out.

Additionally, it can also hinder bacteria growth since it is made from wood. It is also said that it can be easily flushed. The pellets of this cat litter are quite soft, though they are a tad larger. It is unscented as is preferred by my cat and most of the kitties out there.

The clumps can be easily removed from the litter box without any remaining litter stucking to the edges of the box, which generally happens with clay litter. The Ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter is free of any dust. This cat litter is made from unused lumber and reclaimed fallen timbers.

The Okocat Natural Wood Cat Litter is environmentally friendly and completely compostable and biodegradable. It is for everyone who want an environment-friendly cat litter as opposed to conventional crystals and clays.


  • Unscented
  • Dust-free
  • Masks odor nicely
  • Clumps nicely


  • The pellets are a bit larger
  • Easily tracked
  • Quite expensive

Alternative cat litters

In addition to the regular pack, there are 2 special additions of Okocat litter:

1. Okocat Soft Step Natural Wood Clumping Litter


This is a brilliant product for extra excrete clumping facilities and softness. Its texture is pretty different from the regular cat litter and is especially for those cats with sensitive paws.


  • Forms hard clumps
  • Soaks up Moisture
  • Hides cat odor excellently
  • Gentle on the cat’s paws
  • Dust-free


  • Pretty expensive
  • Easily wasted

2. Okocat Natural Wood Litter Long Hair Breeds Clumping


This cat litter is specially designed with pellets, which will not stick to your kitty’s long hair; this is effective for cats with longhair. This cat litter also has a better absorbing capacity, and the excretion is not dragged around your home, thus leaving lesser clutter and a cleaner environment.


  • Great odor controlling power that lasts up to 7 days
  • Great ability to absorb
  • Lightweight
  • Biodegradable


  • Too large pellets
  • Soft and wet clumps


Hopefully, our okocat litter reviews have provided you with deeper insights and a good understanding of the general cat litter needs.

Even though as a rule, cats are very clean creatures, their excretion is often a source of allergy and illness for family members; especially due to airborne particles emanating from the litter.

Okocat litter can be efficiently used to absorb your cat’s poop or litter, thus making it easy to clean the litter box, along with reducing both odor and tracking. The Okocat litter is formulated from all reclaimed fiber materials, and it offers outstanding results. Additionally, this cat litter can be used for keeping your home spotless and hygienic. So, hurry up and buy the Okocat litter from here.

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