Why are Siamese cats so vocal? – Excessive vocalization in Siamese cats explained

If you think that why are Siamese cats so vocal, it’s because extreme vocalization is a part of their natural behavior itself. They are high maintenance cats who demand a lot of attention and when they don’t get their demands fulfilled, they start meowing to the extreme. You will understand all about the excessive Siamese cats meowing as you will continue to read.


Briefing shortly about the Siamese cats

The Siamese cats are known to be one of the earliest existing domestic cat breeds along with the trademark features that make them stand out in the crowd. These cats have existed in Siam or Thailand since the 14th century and were held sacred by the royal families and temples. They were popularized later in the world as they reached different countries in the form of Thai gifts to travelers and dignitaries.

The crossed eyes and a kinked tail are the MVPs of a traditional Siamese cat that have been tried to be consciously bred out in the modern Siamese cats. Only the distinctive Seal point coloration has been kept intact that involve a full white color fur with dark markings on the body tips like the nose, ears, and paw pads. They share the same behavioral characteristics where they are positive, friendly, attention-loving, affectionate, and active and these traits mostly explain why do Siamese cats meow so much.

The personality of the Siamese cats

The primary answer to why do Siamese cats talk so much or make loud sounds lies in their distinctive personality. Siamese cats are known to be one of the most vocal ones in the entire feline world. They make almost all kinds of cat sounds depending upon the situation and try to communicate or convey their message through those sounds.

Some of their behavioral traits will make it understandable why they are so chatty as communication is a pivotal mode in all of them:

  • Superior brilliance
  • Attention loving
  • Highly friendly to everyone including pets and kids
  • Super active
  • High level of physical activity
  • Extremely playful
  • Highly energetic

All these behavioral traits point out towards their tendency of demanding interaction, attention, and care and ultimately make the Siamese cats extremely communicative to convey their demands to humans.

The uniqueness of the Siamese’s sounds

One of the popular nicknames of the Siamese cats is Meezer and the reason behind this naming is the loud sound made by them during vocalizing. The sound of Siamese cats meowing almost appears as a baby’s cry that can turn out to be super annoying when continued for a longer time. The intensity of these vocals also depends upon the atmosphere and treatment they get.

These cats make a very unique type of meow that has a low pitch and is called as the Meezer. The voice of the Siamese cats has a very harsh edge in their tone that can sound very demanding too. Their howls sometimes mimic those of humans and dogs too.

 Some studies hold this trait of talkativeness as being a genetic pass on that was handed over to the traditional Siamese cats from its parent breed. It is also to be noted that nobody attempted at breeding out this particular trait of the cat despite other significant features been subjected to the genetic alteration. It can even be believed that this trait was kept intact to make the Siamese cats distinctive.

Reasons behind the excessive vocalization of Siamese cats

Since it’s already been established that the Siamese cats vocalize to communicate, it means that they choose to vocalize to convey different messages and demands. Here are some of the common reasons behind these cats vocalizing:

Seeking attention

Well, this is the primary answer to why are Siamese cats so vocal where they shriek to get the attention of the target for various purposes. Siamese cats love being the center of attention for their owners and can’t stand ignorance being meted out to their demands. In such a situation, they vocalize loudly to gain instant attention.

Break the ignorance

Siamese cats have traditionally been subjected to royal treatment, so it’s a like a trait passed down to the breed generations where they expect the same kind of treatment and dislike ignorance completely. They howl loudly to assert their presence when they feel neglected or keep annoying likewise until you cater to them.

Seeking simulation

Just like every other cat, they seek consistent stimulation as they hate being bored and this is one reason why do Siamese cats meow so much. They love to play and when they don’t get the companionship for their activities, they resort to making a loud noise for demanding interactive resources or partnership.

Demanding interaction

Siamese cats desire constant company where they may want to snuggle with you in bed or want to do other fun activities. They also blend well with strangers and vocalize much to interact with them and get their attention too.

Require fulfillment of daily needs

Cats hate missing out on food and Siamese cats howl loud when they see that you have forgotten to put out their meal. They may even go to the extent of yelling at odd hours to get meal and litter box visits when they see that they get one every time they meow.

Conveying general messages

One of the probable answers for why do Siamese cats talk so much can be them wanting to convey general messages from their everyday life discoveries. Siamese cats are not just social but also explorers and love to be outside. Sometimes, they just vocalize to show their excitement or other similar emotions.

Just because they are intelligent

One of the simplest arguments for the Siamese cats making too much noise lies in the fact that they are intelligent and use their trait intelligently for different purposes. They grasp situations quickly and try manipulating the other party with tricks and content. They analyze if their vocalization is getting them the desired results or not and continue the same trick later accordingly.

Worrisome issues

Another reason why are Siamese cats so vocal is that they use vocalization as a means of conveying their problems too. If your cat is meezing for no other reason, there may be some health issues or other trouble with them like sickness, pain, mating needs, stress, mental disorders, cognitive dysfunction, or any other thing.

Method of quieting the Siamese down

why are Siamese cats so vocal

The cute sounds of these cats might sometimes turn very annoying and painful for the ears as you may just not be able to focus. Worry not as there exist some ways in which you can minimize their vocalization at times.

  • Primarily, know the cause of their vocalizing and see if they can be calmed down by catering to the reason directly.
  • If the vocalizing is due to any troublesome issues like health problems, take them to the vet immediately.
  • You can also train them from the beginning to behave more gently and do subtler actions.
  • Never punish the cat by hitting or spanking them when they vocalize. This can have serious repercussions as your cat might just isolate from you or turn aggressive.
  • Make sure that the cats always have access to foodtoys, and other resources so that they don’t have to shriek for demanding them.
  • Senior Siamese cats meowing too much must get checked by the vet for any cognitive dysfunction issue.
  • Spend more time with the Siamese cats as constant interaction is their natural need. This will also strengthen your bond with them they will behave better.


We hope that now rather than getting confused that why are Siamese cats so vocal, you will be focused on understanding the reason behind the meowing of your Siamese more and try to deal with the issue better. The key to having a calmer and pleasant Siamese is more interaction and attention.

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