The sounds only cats can hear- Relation of cats with different sounds

The secret behind all the sounds only cats can hear lies in their super-sensitive hearing capacity that is remarkably interesting to know about. The cats can hear a wider variety of sounds than any other mammal and this also includes their preferred and hated sounds. We will be exploring all about the relation between different sounds and cats below as you continue to read.


The hearing capability of cats

Amongst all the mammals, cats have the best hearing capacity that can detect the highest range of sound frequencies which is even higher than the humans. They may share the same hearing capability with us at the lower end of the frequency spectrum, which is 20 Hz, but they can receive much higher frequencies at the higher end. Humans can hear sounds with a max frequency of 20000 Hz but cats can higher pitches with frequency up to 64000 Hz.

This also indicates that their hearing capacity expands on both sides of the frequency spectrums but particularly higher on the higher end. This is made possible by the specific hearing mechanism of the cat’s ears which involves their unique autonomy allowing catching and amplification of the sound waves at the same time. They can also focus better on the source of the sound.

Cats are better at perceiving distant sounds too and they can receive the sound waves from a distance 4-5 times higher than the perceived distance for humans. They also differentiate between better between the sounds only cats can hear.

Likes and dislikes of cats in sounds

sounds only cats can hear

Every cat is different and so is their preference of sounds. There can’t be a strict demarcation of sounds that they will like or dislike as some cats tend to show a liking for a sound that others don’t. However, based on general studies, we still can categorize certain sounds based on the cat’s responses to them.

Sounds liked by cats

Musical tones

We don’t mean any music when we say this or the one that we like. Cats like specific tunes and note sound that can be clubbed together as the specific music for cats. The sounds included in this category bear close resemblance to the frequencies and tempos instinctive to the vocalizations of cats.

Prey specific sounds

The objects that make sounds like their usual prey are loved by the cats. It’s usually the toys that make prey sounds that attract cats the most and also help them develop their hunting skills while they play. These sounds play an important role in furnishing their sound distinguishing capabilities and concerned instincts.

Sounds disliked by cats

Electronic sounds

Our gadgets emit a lot of sound waves that we can never hear but the cats can due to their outstanding hearing range as discussed above. Such high frequency sounds cats hate and display a very annoying behavior as a response to them. Some studies have also shown that the electric sound cacophony can cause cardiovascular and endocrine issues in the cats as well as affect their sleep and social behavior too.

Hissing sound effects

Although hissing is a sound that cats make to deter the enemy or for self-defense, they don’t like it when they are subjected to it in return. Any sound that mimics hissing bothers cats a lot and makes them feel threatened. It can be any spraying sound, rustling noise, or windy wave that can make your cat go nuts.

Any loud sound

We know that much higher frequency sounds only cats can hear get even further amplified by their ears, you can then imagine the impact loud sounds must make on them. The sensitive ears of the cats feel extreme pain upon being subjected to extreme noises and cats can even suffer serious repercussions from being startled by the noise. The noise made by automobiles, home appliances, or natural events is the sounds cats hate as even their natural sound dimming reflex fails towards protecting them against the impact.

Cats and musical sounds

sounds only cats can hear

We thought of dedicating an entire section to the musical sounds that attract cats usually because you can use this info for many purposes.  It has been discovered by various studies that music can be used to calm down the cats, relax them for the vet visits, or just ease them in stressful conditions. There are many musical sounds specific to each feline species which pleases them particularly and is also suitable for their sensitive ears.

On that note, it was also discovered that the primary set of sounds usually liked by the cats in the early stages of their life is liked by them throughout the rest of the time to come. The best example is the set of sounds their natal activities involve like the heartbeat and purring sound of their mother, sound of them sucking milk, etc. The basic idea is that any specific sound that makes them feel comfortable and secured is liked by them.

Since cats communicate at higher than human frequencies, they can also tend to like sounds with higher pitches. Soft and harmonious sounds have also been found to have a calming effect on cats that leads to balanced breathing and heartbeat rhythm in them. Other natural sounds and frequencies filled cat music is also liked by cats as it gives them calming and pleasant signals.

However, caution has to be taken to not subject the cats to loud music ever that has aggravated rhythms and techno chords.

Meaning of the cat whistle

Out of all the crazy sounds only cats hear and make, a cat whistle sound is the most intriguing one. Sometimes cats make a purring sound that appears very similar to a whistle made by humans. This usually happens when they are distressed or agitated about something and their mouth leaves a worrisome purring sound.

Another case is the one in which cats make a whistle like hissing sound while acting in self-defense or threatening any enemy. However, cats wouldn’t ever like being whistled upon due to the higher pitch it has when made by a human. They feel intimidated or dominated by this sound and give them a feeling of being around superior specie.

In some cases, unwanted sounds can be used in a regulated manner to control the behavior of pets. Whistling at the cat can get the job done easily as they will get startled at the whistle stop the thing. However, you must take care to not do it out of proportion.

Final words

We hope that all this info about the sounds only cats can hear amused you much. It surely is interesting to see how the animal world is so interesting and holds such amazing secrets. Next time your cat reacts differently to any sound, you would be able to deal with it better.

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