How To Make Cat Dress? Things to Consider While Dressing Up Cats

No matter what the occasion is, cat owners love to dress up their cats. It gives immense pleasure to them to see their cats in beautiful costumes. But, what about your furry friend and how do they feel when you think of dressing them up!

Some cats like to dress up, some of them hate it, and some shows off no reactions. Before you head to the market to buy elegant costumes for your lovely cat, you should know whether your furry friend loves to wear a costume or not. Cats love dressing up, where there’s no real explanation to it. However, we know why cats do not love it. The possible reasons could be overheating. Plus, cats undergo stress while they dress up. If your cat belongs to the happy group, you have to make them some incredible clothes.


How To Make Cat Dress?

As everyone knows, cats do not enjoy dressing up. However, many of them will tolerate this annoying act for some time. If you have small kids, they will definitely try to dress up their cat and take them here and there in buggies. In that case, you can try making some little dresses for your furry friend with the help of doll-clothes outlines. So, let’s just dive into ‘how to make cat dress.’

How To Make Cat Dress

1. Select the outline

In the first place, you should decide on what kind of pattern you like to employ for the costume. Here, bigger dolls’ doll-clothes outlines work perfectly well for sizing. Now, all you have to do is to cut out the outline that you like to employ and then, pin that outline to the fabric with the help of pins.

2. Follow with a cut out

Now, you need to cut out the sections out of the material. Once done, get rid of the outline from that material. After that, keep on following the places marked by the pattern so as to sew the sections together with the help of a sewing machine.

3. Mark details

It is really significant to approach the route in order to ensure that cat clothes will be of right and perfect size. Watch out for details as these cloth pieces are really small. Now, put in pins around the spots, where you need to place Velcro so that the cloth will stay in place.

4. Ready to wear

Lastly, you need to turn the costume inside out and press the same using an iron. After that, stitch Velcro on the designated spots that you marked with pins a while ago. Now, the costume is all ready for your furry friend to wear. So, ask your baby to dress up your cat and enjoy!

Things to Consider While Dressing Up Cats

If you are thinking whether it is safe for your cat to dress up or not, you are not the only one. However, when this has been done carefully, respectfully, safely, and calmly, your feline friend might like it. Before you begin dressing up your cat, consider a few tricks and tips.

Things to Consider While Dressing Up Cats

Get a perfect costume

As you know, there are tons of costumes available for dogs in the market. But, when it comes to cats, you would not find many options. Certainly, cat owners will come across standbys such as festive collars, bow ties, and kitty bandanas. In the market, fewer costumes are there for cats as compared to the ones available for dogs.

Before moving on any further, it is very important to locate differences between cats’ and dogs’ costumes. Whenever you decide to put on a dress on your furry friend, you should not opt for costumes that are tailored for dogs. Plus, not even if those costumes seem perfect for them.

Watch out for comfort level 

A costume should be comfortable to wear for your cats. It needs to be perfectly fit. No matter what dress you choose for your feline friend, it needs to have a comfy fit. It should not be too small or too tight. Otherwise, there can be some solemn hazards.

While they are dressed up, your furry friend must be able to communicate, move, see, breath, jump, move, eat, or visit lavatory without getting stuck. So, you should watch out for costume safety.

Give some time

It is better to make familiar your cats familiar with their costumes. Before the actual event, give your furry friend some time to get used to the costume’s appearance and smell. You should do so before dressing them up. Keep the costume in locations where your cat resides or goes often. By doing so, cats will start to recognize their costumes as something safe.

Once done, begin to dress up your feline friend slowly by slowly. Plus, go for treats, positive reinforcement, and a calm voice will do you some good.

Time to dressing up

After dressing up your furry friend, it’s time for you to divert your cat’s attention from the outfit. For this, you can play with them, click some pictures, and give them special treats. It is quite hard to comprehend how long your cat will be able to tolerate their costume or gear. Although, once they gain a considerate of their dress, you’ll definitely be surprised by for how long they can actually tolerate.

So, your cat may actually like to dress up and you will end up running after different costume ideas. Meanwhile, have a close eye on how your furry friend reacts to their costume. Plus, look for signs of stress, anxiety, or discomfort if any. In the end, your cat needs to be safe and happy, which you should take care of.


Now, you know how you can make your cat look great in some really good costumes. It does not take many efforts on your part to make a cute outfit for your furry friend. On top of that, your hard work pays off if your cat loves their cute costume. So, go ahead and dress up your lovely cat!

Luna Tran

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