Catgenie Reviews: The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Catgenie Product

Every now and then it can get to be quite a cumbersome situation in dealing with your kitty’s litter over and over again in a single day. With my two adorable cats- Kitt and Kuki, I have often faced a lot of back pains from the bending and scooping up of their poop particles inside their litter boxes.

Even though I love my cats to death, I have often wondered for a more viable solution in dealing with their poop matter on a daily basis. In this case scenario, the catgenie came to be suggested to me by an old friend, who seemed to believe that this self-automated toilet is the best answer for all cat parents, and without a doubt it definitely has worked wonders inside my home. In this guide, I am going to familiarize you with Catgenie reviews and things to look out for while buying a self-automated toilet.


Things to consider before buying a self-automated toilet

I. Price And Budget

At the outset, with the very fact that automatic cat litter boxes can rate up to $700, it is really vital to decide how much you are willing to expend on this product, in point of fact. It is not exactly a simple product; hence the high cost can be comprehensible.

The key disparity between the more expensive and cheaper ones is that the less costly ones are larger in size, and takes more storage space, and the more costly ones really imply that you will not have to perform any toil at all as they will dispose of the waste matters by flushing it off through the residence water waste pipelines.

II. Free space

Among other things, it is vital to consider the location where you will place your brand new self-automated toilet. It is important to consider whether or not you have sufficient in hand space. As the first thing of consideration, the bulkiness and the size of the model that you are buying is primary. Nowadays there are diverse models, which you can select from, a few of them smaller in size than the other ones. You may want to get one of the smaller ones if you do not really hold loads of extra on hand room space.

III. Level of efficiency

Even in case of the most an incredibly effective and expensive model, the real truth is that you will still have to do a bit of tiny cleaning now and then. These toilets have been made with a standard, and normal, everyday state of affairs in mind.

This refers to the fact that each time the cat doesn’t act normally, you will be liable to clean it up afterward. Hence, of course, there’ll be no further scooping, but you’ll also need to clean up poop that ends up getting caught on the toilet’s edges, sanitize the floor in case anything ends up there, alter the plastic container and trays (not for the advanced models), and fully clean the entire thing thoroughly from time to time.

  IV. Use crystals or litter

It is dire to ask yourself if your lovable cat has an adaptable temperament or is he or she liable to not be overtly welcome towards new things when introduced all at once. A number of the automatic toilets make use of crystals in place of litter, which may be a big change for your kitty. The level at which, your kitty will settle into a transformation like this, will depend strongly on his or her age. The older cats show more trouble in adapting than the younger ones.

V. Number of cats

Always ensure the number of cats that the automatic cat toilet has been assigned; as some models are designed strictly with only one cat in mind. A model may not be suitable for multiple cats is if its waste compartment made been made small that cannot really hold wastes from multiple cats. In case you have multiple cats, it is safer to ask for models, designed particularly for that.

VI. Additional costs

A few models will necessitate you making a continuous expenditure for smooth running. Always verify how much, how often and what is required to buy, like trays, crystals, plastic bags, special cleaning solutions, et cetera. This is very important as have to know beforehand, how ‘demanding’ your preferred automatic cat toilet is, before buying it.

VII. Your cat’s habits

Self-automatic toilets are made with the ideal excreting set-up in mind. If your kitty does not exhibit any extraordinary peeing habits, then possibly nearly all models would work well. If it has its own specific way, for instance maybe your kitty cat prefers kicking or digging inside the litter; then she would perhaps not prefer the new automatic edition since it won’t offer her sufficient litter depth for digging into.

Besides, if your kitty prefers horizontal urinating, the automatic toilets having low walls will not really work well for it. There are a few bigger models, which can be actually used in cases like these; yet most models won’t allow your kitty to urinate horizontally anymore.

What is the CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box?

catgenie reviews


The CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box is an excellent tool to have around the house for dealing with your cats excretes. It only requires a cold water pipeline, wastewater outlet, and admittance to an electrical channel. Once it is properly put in place, there’s little that the cat parent has to do for maintaining the hygiene of the toilet area.

How Does the CatGenie Box Work?





CatGenie is set up such that, it starts working right after the cat’s usage. The liquid parts fall through the tray’s bottom and get sucked off. The solids get automatically scooped out, and sent to the SaniSolution, wherein they are broken down and whisked off. Soon, it puts out a cleaning liquid through the entire messy litter-stuff, washes and finally dries it off so that it is prepared for the next poop time.

Your cat need not endeavor to make use of a poop-full litter box and search for a free spot. With the CatGenie Box your four-legged friend would always experience decent spot openings on every poop occasion.

Who Should Buy the CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box?

According to expert opinion, the CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box must be made use of, in the following cases:

  • For those households who have a pressing need for a fully automatic cat litter box; without disposing or scooping of the poop matters.
  • For those home having one or two kitties at the most.
  • For those cats who defecate firm poop.
  • share-square-o
    For those households who can hold sufficient space in their laundry room or bathroom.


  • Fully automated tool
  • Programmable flush modes for keeping toilet clean
  • Zero contact with soiled litter
  • check-circle
    Easy set-up
  • check-circle
    User-Friendly design
  • check-circle
    Innovative Design


  • Doesn’t work correctly if kitty defecates squashy feces
  • System can get clogged now and then
  • Reusable litters do not soak up litter box smell
  • times-circle
    Loud on performing a clean cycle
  • times-circle
    Surplus of tracking granules

Features & Benefits of Catgenie Reviews

Eliminates Odors

With the traditional cat litter boxes, odors can grow to be nightmares, even after scooping every day. On setting on automatic, CatGenie entirely eliminates the dreaded cat litter box odors. On adding optional dome, odors are almost unnoticeable even after choosing to run the cleaning cycles on a needed basis. As wastes get flushed away completely, there is no smelly scooping either.

User-Friendly and Innovative Design

With its bowl-like, round, configuration, CatGenie looks and works in the same way as your personal commode. When the product arrives, you’ll have to link it to a toilet or drainpipe, and hook it to a cold water line and set it into an electric outlet. The instructions for installation are easy to follow and clear-cut.

3 Programming Options

CatGenie allows users to select between 3 programming options:

  • Cat-activated
  •  Auto start mode
  • Manual start mode

In Cat-activated or cat start mode, Cat Genie cleans up after every usage. This option makes use of half the clean-up solution compared to other options, as there are much lesser wastes to tackle with, and the cartridge hence has 240 flushes. In this particular mode, its sensor detects the cat entering and leaving the unit, and waits till 10 minutes following visit, for ensuring that the cat will not be injured during the cleaning procedure.

Child Lock

CatGenie includes child lock system, which keeps pets and kids from setting off a clean cycle accidentally. It is effortless to deactivate and activate as looked-for.

Earth-Friendly Supplies

The standard cat wastes are neither recyclable nor biodegradable. CatGenie cartridges and granules include an additive, which lets them biodegrade following disposal. Granules going down drains do not merely stay in septic tanks or remain in the public wastewaters; rather, they biodegrade in nine months.

You can employ kitchen garbage bags of your preference for holding wastes that cut down on the odor when one opens up due waste chambers for clean-out.

Self-cleaning and self-washing

The CatGenie litter box claims to be the only “self-washing” litter box for cats all over the world. The product makes use of its individual washable patented granules in place of litter. It is a dream product for saving your money on your kitty’s necessities, in addition to saving your valuable time in scooping up the waste, plus all the energy used on lugging massive litter bags home after buying them.

The CatGenie brand also claims to be dust-free, germ-free, and odor-free as well. It also sanitizes, washes, and dries itself automatically. In addition, it scours, scrubs, washes, and purifies its washable granules, along with cleaning the cat’s pooping area and makes it ready for usage again.

Easy to use T-Adapters and Manuals for set up

The CatGenie cat litter box is geared with some additional helpful manual and T-adapters as well. The cat parent can make use of the supplied T-adapters for connecting the cat litter box to a cold water line and plug it into a 120-volt electric outlet, which is otherwise used for the bathroom or washing machines.

These are the main features of the CatGenie reviews. Check out this video to see how the CatGenie works:

Social Proof

Regarding the CatGenie, very few clients have complained of its odor control system. Its users are much appreciative of its cleaning properties, and easy installation. Some users have complained of its inability to deal with soft poop, which just creates more difficulty in scooping, as it sticks to the box.

Although it is expensive for some reviewers, it has not failed to disappoint in its functioning. Most people have complained about the loud sound produced by it while running. Overall, it has been reported to have saved countless daily precious time for all users.



This product is for those wishing to avoid cat waste handlings. This is ideal for those having a hectic schedule and looking for a complete scoop-free no-odor resolution. This efficient product also consists of three Fresh SaniSolution Scent Cartridges, along with a whole Washable Granules box. For satisfying your cat's desire to dig in and cover its poop matters, the CatGenie 120 appliance makes use of permanent, comfortable, washable granules in place of disposable litter. 


  • check
    Eradicates all manual odor and scooping
  • check
    Easy for set up and assembly with no required tools or screwing
  • check
    It runs as advertised, nil hidden requirements
  • check
    It can be left unattended for days and weeks
  • check
    Picky cats never refuse this cat toilet box as it’s cleaned constantly


  • The entire cleaning course takes up to twenty minutes
  • Can be problematic for more than a single cat
  • Its cleaning washable granules can sometimes make a mess around the house
  • A small poop portion can remain back


This handy piece of equipment has a unique self-washing and self-flushing facility and maintains itself well. The unit makes use of permanent granules that are washable and do not need changing at all. It is particularly for those homes with multiple kitties over six months old. It has included instructions for use, and has a limited two-year warranty.


  • check
    Unique self-washing and self-flushing
  • check
    Makes use of permanent washable granules, which do not require changing at all
  • check
     Apt for homes with multiple cats over six months old


  •  Overtly expensive
  • Tends to clog
  • Not ideal for cats who have soft stools
  • Extremely loud on running

Bottom Line

The Catgenie reviews that we have provided for you have now, given you a fair idea of what it is about and things to look for while buying it.

catgenie reviews


The CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box is a first-rate automatic toilet, which can eliminate the requirement to get dirty with your cat’s wastes completely. It recommends a range of programming alternatives to suit to the particular needs of you and your kitty. It is a must-have to do away with all excrement-related tedious tasks, and is accident-proof as well.

If you are interested in the product and wish to buy it, then click on the following link.

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