Can Cats Eat Peanuts? Does It Cause Allergy To Your Feline?

We all know that, in order to keep your feline friend active we need to give her plenty of protein. Protein is the essential element in a diet given to a feline. Peanuts are a great source of protein. Some cats are very fond of peanuts. If I talk about my Ragdoll, then she will not leave me alone until I give her a peanut.

As soon as I open my container with peanuts, she begs me to give her one by making a sad face. She gets satisfied by eating half of the peanut. I am happy that huge risks are not associated by giving half piece of peanut to my cat but what about more? Do you also wonder can cats eat peanuts? If yes, then read the article below.


Can Cats Eat Peanuts?

can cats eat peanuts

Peanut is a great nut. We all enjoy eating peanuts, then why not let our feline friend experience the joy of having peanuts. If cats can eat food items like lamb, chicken, and liver, then why not peanuts? Treats and foods given to cats have high quantities of protein in it.

Peanuts have the maximum protein but they contain a lot of fat as well. Nevertheless, the fat it contains is monounsaturated and healthy but the digestive system of a cat is incapable of digesting high quantities of fat. They can strike against cats although peanut is not poisonous for cats.

Cats can eat peanuts but you should offer the small bites initially so that they can easily chew it. Moreover, you should not feed peanuts to your cats along with additives and salt. Rather you should offer them raw peanuts. Here is a video that will show how much cats love eating peanuts.

What Are The Benefits Of Peanut For Cat?

can cats eat peanuts

Protein is an essential macronutrient that must be a part of your cat’s diet. But the protein that peanut has does not contain the required amino acids. Meat food has the right type of amino acid content which plant foods like peanut butter cannot provide.

But there are certain other benefits that a cat can get by eating peanuts. Peanuts provide biotin and Vitamin E, which is great for connective tissue, skin, and fur of the cat. It also has vitamin A, which is great for the eyesight of cats.

Moreover, if a cat eats peanuts and more products like that, then they develop stronger, shinier, and thicker coats. Fewer quantities of peanuts cannot cause any harm to your cat friend, in fact they are great for your cat.

Do Peanuts Cause Allergy To Cats?

Peanuts should be given to a feline on an occasional basis in the form of a treat. But if you include peanut in their daily diet, then there is a risk that your cat can suffer from allergies. If your cat eats peanut and she starts throwing up or having diarrhea immediately after consuming it, then it is because her digestive system is incapable of digesting it.

A food allergy can occur through repeated exposure. If your feline friend has consumed peanuts previously and her skin begins to show reactions like itching, swelling, sneezing, then there is a possibility that she is suffering from an allergy.

Nutshell Peanuts And Felines

If you offer peanuts (nutshell) rarely as a snack, then it is fine. Although you have to make sure that the peanuts you feed your cats should be unsalted and plain.

Moreover, if you want your four-legged friend to eat peanut with ease, then you should dice it before offering it to her. My cat starts playing with peanut if it is in the nutshell. They are great chasers and my cat gets happy when she gets a chance to bat it around.


The hard outer crust of the peanut is extremely dangerous for the digestive system of a feline. A tiny fragment of the peanut shell can cause a lot of harm to the cat. An unsalted, raw and dry peanut is a pleasing rattle for a feline. You need to be very careful when you give it to your feline friend so that she does not ingest or gnaw the peanut shell. Cats like unlikely things and peanuts are one of them. They play and enjoy it.

Are Peanuts Not Good For Cat Health?

Like flavored popcorn, nuts also have a high quantity of fat in them and can cause health issues to your cat friend if she eats it in large quantities. Foods with high-fat content can be a cause of tummy troubles in a feline, which can further lead to health issues like throwing up and diarrhea. Plus, if your furry friend eats too much of fat, then there is a chance that your cat can suffer from pancreatitis, which is a severe inflammation.


Peanuts that come in packets are salted, sometimes they are oversalted as well. You should not let your kitty eat salted nuts as a lot of salt consumption can cause poisoning because of excessive sodium ion. Severity of symptoms like tremors and vomiting can depend on factors like age and weight of the feline and amount of salt intake.

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Things You Need To Be Careful With

can cats eat peanuts

Cats are still better at digesting fats as compared to carbohydrates but they still are incapable of processing plant fats that are present in peanuts. Extreme fat in peanuts means excessive calories, which can make your cat obese or overweight.

Obese cats are more prone to life-threatening diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. Even if you manage the caloric intake of cats, still they consume empty calories when they eat peanuts. Therefore, feed peanuts to your feline friend in very limited quantities.

Also, you should not give any portion of the shell of the peanut to your feline friend as it can lead to the problem of choking

  • Watch this video and find out why cats prefer to eat peanuts more than regular cat food.


So, this was all about peanuts and the impact that it causes on your cat’s health. Can cats eat peanuts? Yes, but in very less quantities otherwise, it can cause her allergies and other problems. Whenever you feed peanuts to your cat please ensure that the shells are removed as it can be very dangerous for a feline’s digestive tract. Excessive consumption of peanuts can also lead to problems like diarrhea and vomiting. Don’t feed salted nuts to your cats as salty nuts can harm your cat’s health.

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