Top 8 Big Cat Tree House Reviews of 2022

We believe that every cat deserves not just a home, but a home for itself within a warm, caring home. In that respect, we strive to find you the very best home for your cat in the form of a tree, a condo, or a house. That's why we are talking about the big cat tree house.

No matter how many cats you have, it’s impossible to resist the urge to spoil them rotten and cater to their absolute every need, isn’t it? So even if you only have one cat or a house-full, here are the biggest and absolutely most luxurious cat tree houses under the sun because after all – every cat deserves a castle!


Top 8 Big Cat Tree House Reviews

big cat tree house

#1. Leafy Cat Tree House

What an imposing yet absolutely luxurious cat tree! The bottom platform hosts a spacious cat cabin with a patio on the side that leads to the two towers above. The ladder provides access to the cat basket, the two mid-level cat hammocks, and leads to the top that features another smaller cat cabin, a cat basket suspended by a rope, the tallest cat tower, and a platform overlooking the entire house. Your cats will get lost in here for hours on end! The posts are made to be vertical clawing posts, as well.

#2. Giant Beige Condo 

One of the tallest cat tree houses we have to offer! This cat tree house is specifically built to fit cozily in the corner of your living room or game room. It features four convenient panels surrounding the bottom cat cabin, allowing for quick and easy climbing. The master cat cabin at the top of the tree is spacious and features three cat towers – each with their own hanging cat toys. And let's not forget about the cat basket hanging from the side! Standing at over 80 inches tall, this is the castle on the beach of cat tree houses!

#3. Redwood Cat Mansion

Get your cat the fanciest house on the block! This cat tree house is very sturdy with its square shape and four tall posts. Rising three stories into the air (if you don’t count the three cat towers at the very top, making it a cat skyscraper) your cats will have something fun to do on every floor, be it the slice-shaped panel on the first floor or the ladder on the second floor, leading to a spacious cat cabin at the top beneath the cat towers. We note dark plush cover and sisal rope that provide both comfort and functionality. The model size is 23L x 23W x 75H inches.

#4. Tall Pagoda House

Four levels of comfort, coziness, warmth, and fun! This pagoda-style cat tree house stands six feet tall and will fit perfectly and look outstanding in the corner of almost any room, while providing your cat with three half-circle shaped panels designed for napping, lounging and relaxing. At the very top of the tower sits a true cat cabin, featuring an A-frame roof modeled after a birdhouse. Suitable for two or three cats – constructed of pressed wood – very stable and sturdy to reduce the risk of tipping over. Made of high-quality plush carpet.

#5. Huge Cat Tree 

The mother of all cat tree houses, best cat trees for large cats! This double-cat condo boasting monster is supported by over four posts and features four ladders, a hammock, four cat tunnels, two cat baskets, and two cat rope toys. This cat tree house will certify you as a true-blue cat lover. Definitely suitable for multiple cats unless you want to spoil your one cat absolutely. The cover material is made of faux fur, and the structuring is constructed of pressed wood.

#6. CozyCatFurniture Tower Huge Kitty Playground

This model can be justly named one of the biggest cat trees of our review. CozyCatFurniture provides up to six levels for different games, activities, and sleep. There are two houses, several bases, one hammock, and a stair. The tree is spacious enough for eight cats and can help wean your pets from scratching furniture. Manufacturers use durable, high-quality materials like faux fur finish, which is cozy and, at the same time, easy in cleaning. The tower features restrained brown and beige colors and contributes to any interior. The height of the model reaches 85" - 95", other dimensions are 62 x 16 inches. We also note stable anti-drop construction and a full set with assembly instruction and tools included.

#7. FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats

This cat tree represents a wonderful combination of functionality and a reasonable price. The model was designed especially for cats and their everyday playing and resting needs. Six levels with two condos, three soft plush perches, three balls with bells, and a scratching post provide great joy and comfort. The materials used for the tree are CARB-certified board, plush fabric, and sisal rope. Each component is responsible for a certain task – the board gives security and stability of the construction, softcover contributes to coziness, and sisal allows your cat to sharpen its claws. The main color is elegant, smoke grey. The announced dimensions are 23.6"L x 21.6"W x 67"H.

#8. Hey-bro 65 inches Extra Large Multi-Level Cat Tree

The final model of our top is Hey-bro Multi-Level cat tree. This funny grey house is similar to the previous model, as it uses the same durable materials. We see a comfortable plush fabric, CARB certified particle board, and scratch-resistant sisal rope. The cover layer is washable. The Hey-bro tree consists of five levels, each of which provides its own way of resting. The low and middle levels have a tunnel, a basket-hammock, and two condos. The high levels are crowned by three perches with soft hanging jingly balls. So, every base contributes to your pet's climbing, clawing, resting, and exercising. The construction is perfect for corner installation. Two color options are available – light or smoky grey. The construction size is 21.7"L x 21.7"W x 65""H.


So, do remember that such nimble and graceful hunters like cats need regular physical activity. And the best way to provide it to them is to install a multifunctional game complex. We hope that our top of best and largest cat tree houses will help you choose the perfect model for your pet, and you will not only manage to please him but also save your interior from unnecessary scratches and dents.

Luna Tran

My name is Luna and I am a great cat lover and a cat owner of three lovely cats. I have owned many cats till now and have dedicated many years to nurturing and caring cats. Through this blog, I am here to share my knowledge and experience about cats.