Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth of 2020

As cats became older, their food needs some revision with time. It might be difficult to digest the fact that your cat has become old. But it is important to revise their diet chart once they acquire a certain age and starts moving towards an old age. So, if you are looking for the best cat food for older cats with bad teeth then, get along with this article to know answers!

I do not remember when my lovely cat, Diana, has become a senior cat from a sweet kitten but I had to swallow this hard fact and changed her diet accordingly. It is time for you as well to change the diet chart of your cat as they cannot eat the same food at every age. The older cats need soft and wet foods as their overall health declines over a period of time.

I am sharing my personal experience about my cat Diana, who has become old now and suffers from the problem of bad teeth from many years. I have to take extra care of her in terms of her health. I put a lot of efforts to provide her with a balanced diet through different-different foods.


When Should You Opt For Senior Cat Food?

If your lovely cat is five to seven years of age, then you should start thinking about changing their diet plan. As cats start to become old, their need for specific nutrients also changes with that time. For instance, they might not be able to chew well because of their bad teeth. They require cat foods with low calories and of high fiber content.

When Should You Opt For Senior Cat Food

In senior cats, you can easily look for some signs, which indicates it is time to change their food. The signs that clearly points out this fact are:

a) Dull or Flaky coat

With a certain age, their coat becomes dull and flaky. You should give them cat foods that are intended for their skin and coat. Diets rich in Omega-6 or Omega-3 fatty acids will make your cat’s coat shiny once again.

b) Weakness or Lethargy

Your cats might not be able to perform any activity with great enthusiasm as they used to before because of their old age. You should inculcate cat foods that boost their immune system and overall health.

c) Overweight

If your pretty cat is overweight, no matter it is old or not, you should introduce cat foods that have low calories to their diet chart. You can design the diet plan with proper amounts of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins while keeping in mind their weight loss at the same time.

d) GI Disturbances

It is the most common symptom for changing the diet plan in cats. As cat ages, their digestive system does not remain as strong as it used to be. The wrong cat foods at their older age could result in the upset stomach all the time. Cats can face problems like loose stool, chronic flatulence, or upset stomach, etc. The wet foods suited best at this time because of their moisture content.

e) Itchiness

In an old age, cats’ immune system becomes weaker. They are more vulnerable to allergies and if you cat feels itchy all the time, and then food might be one of the reasons behind it. Cat foods rich in nutrients will keep their immune system strong and healthy.

So, you can look for these above-mentioned signs in your cats in your cat and could change their dietary chart accordingly.

What Are The Problems of Older Cats With Bad Teeth?

As cats progress towards their older age, their strength to produce calcium for their teeth and bones decrease as well. It can worsen with their age. The older cats with bad teeth cannot chew their food as like before. These cats cannot consume food that needs a good chewing in order to be digested. The older cats need foods that do not require much chewing process.

If you still do not know whether your cat is suffering from bad teeth problem or not, you can watch this video to know or visit your cat’s veterinarian for a better diagnosis.

As cats became old, the problem of bad teeth even became more severe. The pain in their teeth would become worse if not kept in check from time to time. Cats can also stop eating food due to pain in their teeth. If they starve for a longer period of time then, it could lead to other problems such as fatigue, kidney problems, or can even damage their internal organs. That is why, taking care of your cat’s oral health is also important.

So, it is recommended to add more wet food to their diet so they would not get hurt while chewing their food. The wet food becomes easier to gulp down by cats rather than hard food. You can even opt for some dry food as these foods are also soft to chew.

Dry food is the best for them because of their soft texture and wet food is also good due to its high moisture content. You can look for some of the best cat foods available online for your feline friend.

Review of Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth

A. Best Dry Cat Food for Older Cats With Bad Teeth

The three best cat foods for older cats with bad teeth are given below:

Hill’s Science Diet Senior Dry Cat Food

This product contains various minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and fiber that make it quite the best product for your older cats. It comes in various flavors as well. It is intended for cats older than 11 years to immune their system and their overall health. It is the editor’s pick as most veterinarians recommend this product for older cats. It is packed with all nutrients that your cat needs in an old age.


  • check
    Many veterinarians advised this product.
  • check
    It provides cats with their overall needs.
  • check
    It contains various essential nutrients.
  • check
    It maintains cats’ skin and coat really well.


  • Some cats do not like it.

IAMS Proactive Health Senior Adult Dry Cat Food

This product has crunchiness and softness in its texture. Its main ingredient, chicken is very rich in protein that helps cats to restore energy levels for play. It even supports the immune system and strong muscles in senior cats. However, its crunchy texture puts a stop to plaque buildup. This senior cat food has essential nutrients like potassium and calcium, which keeps bones and joints strong and healthy in cats.


  • check
    It is an inexpensive product.
  • check
    It boosts energy levels in cats.
  • check
    Its crunchy kibbles reduce plaque growth.


  • Some cats do not like this product.
  • It contains no probiotics.

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food Senior Chicken

This product comes in various sizes and flavors that you can choose as per choice. The ingredients of this cat food are common like chicken, turkey, salmon, and whitefish. It is a perfect pack in order to meet your cat’s daily needs. Its deboned chicken packed with sufficient nutrients maintains the health of senior cats. It has only premium quality natural ingredients. It comes from a well-known brand that made products in the United States only.


  • check
    It provides a complete balanced diet to cats.
  • check
    It does not contain artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.
  • check
    It has no meat by-products, wheat, soy, or corn.


  • Cats lose interest due to restricted recipes.

B. Best Wet Cat Food for Older Cats With Bad Teeth

It is best to give your cat wet food instead of dry food as they age. In an older age, it becomes difficult for cats to digest their food and because of their bad teeth, they cannot chew their food as like before. Therefore, products mentioned below can be of real help in cats’ older age.

Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Urinary Tract Health Formula Canned Cat Food

It is made with real delicious chicken that cat gobbles up in an instant. Its ingredients provide cats with a complete balanced diet. It keeps the digestive system and immune system healthy. It is especially formulated so as to enhance urinary tract health in senior cats. It has low levels of magnesium that helps to maintain normal pH of the urinary tract.


  • check
    It contains high-quality protein.
  • check
    It supports cats’ digestive and immune systems.
  • check
    It is a complete and balanced diet for cats.
  • check
    It even protects cat’s coat and skin.


  • Not recommended for kittens and pregnant cats.

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Aging 12+ Thin Slices in Gravy Wet Cat Food

This food is made with deboned chicken. It is formulated for senior cats and helps in weight management. It causes no allergic reactions in cats as it does not contain any poultry or grain products. It contains omega 6 and omega 6 fatty acids, which keeps cats’ skin and coat health. It even contains probiotics, carotene, vitamin E, fibers, etc.


  • check
    It is an affordable product.
  • check
    Its gravy makes it easier to digest for cats with bad teeth.
  • check
    It takes good care of cats’ skin and coat.
  • check
    It helps in weight lose in overweight cats.


  • Some cats do not like this product.

Hill's Science Diet Senior Wet Cat Food

This cat food is loaded with gravy and chunks for a better supplement to dry food formulas of cats. It promotes healthy weight gain and strong digestive system. My cat personally likes the taste of this product. It promotes the growth in cats due to its well-balanced nutrition. This wet cat food comes in three different flavors such as ocean fish, tuna, and chicken. So, you can choose the flavor as per your cat’s taste preference.


  • check
    It provides sufficient nutrition.
  • check
    It promotes weight gain in cats.
  • check
    It is a great product for kittens.


  • Protein sources are just average.

Hence, you can choose products from the above-mentioned categories as these are the best ones available in the market based on various customers’ reviews. These products are going to accomplish the dietary needs of your older cats with bad teeth. These goods are really easy to digest and do not need much chewing and thus, makes the best choices for your senior cats with bad teeth problem.

How To Choose The Best Cat Food for Older Cats With Bad Teeth?

How To Choose The Best Cat Food for Older Cats With Bad Teeth

In order to choose the best food for cats, you should first consider their age and then, their health. The best ways to choose the best food for your older cats with bad teeth are given below:

According to their age

Before buying cat food, you should consider their age first. As developing, cats need food rich in minerals, proteins, and vitamins whereas senior cats need more amount of minerals, vitamins and less quantity of proteins.

According to their health

Due to the old age, cats develop various health issues. You should try to give them diets as per their health issues. For instance, if your lovely cat is diabetic, avoid sugar-containing products or if your flurry cat is fat, then avoid fat altogether and so on. Cats with bone problems should be given food rich in calcium in order to strengthen their bones.

Besides, the senior cats with bad teeth will require soft and tender food like wet food rather than dry food. The older cats with bad teeth cannot chew hard foods because of their bad dental health and seniority; their stomach does not remain strong like before. You need food that can be digestible with least efforts and requires not as much of chewing. So, you being their owner have to keep these things in mind before getting food for them.

Say NO to Carbohydrates and Artificial Flavors

However, cat foods that contain artificial flavors or preservation should be avoided. Cat foods with high-fat quantity are a big NO. On the other hand, carbohydrates are bad for cats’ health and rendered meat is also very difficult for cats’ consumption.

Low-Allergen diet

As you know, cats are prone to allergies and with age, cats’ immune system weakens. So, it is best to go with a low-allergen diet as foods are also one of the culprits behind allergies in cats.

Low Calories and High Fiber Content

As cats age, their need of nutrients also change with time. Cat foods packed with high fiber and low calories count as the most appropriate one for your senior cats. However, most of the senior cats are formulated keeping this thing in mind.

Rich in Omega 6 or Omega 3 Fatty Acids

With age, the coat of cats become dull and the skin flaky. So, you should choose cat foods that are designed especially for these purposes. You can go with cat foods rich in Omega 6 or Omega 3 fatty acids in order to take care of your cat’s coat.

What To Do When Senior Cats With Bad Teeth Do Not Eat?

I remember those miserable days when Diana stopped eating her food. I could not figure out what has happened to her then. She had a problem of bad teeth from many years and that is why I used to give her only wet food so that she can chew a little and mostly gulp down her food. On one day, she just recently stopped eating anything but in bits. Her health deteriorated very much that I could feel her bones and I could not think of ways to bring her back to normal.

What To Do When Seniorcats With Bad Teeth Do Not Eat

She used to jump around me and like it very much when I used to pet her. She even enjoyed going out but suddenly, after her waning health, she stopped going out altogether.

Then, I took Diana to her vet for a yearly checkup as he used to give her antibiotics periodically but that day, he gave her only shot of anesthetic and told me that she cannot handle more than this as she has become old.

I realized after that I have to make her eat and help her to put on some calories. Then, I fed her eggs to make her fat along with her favorite treats. I used to give her wet food such asPurina Fancy Feast Classic Gourmet Wet Cat Food due to her bad teeth but after reading somewhere that dry cat food is also best due to more nutritional values. I incorporated dry food to her diet like Meow Mix Tender Centers Dry Cat Food and Hill’s Science Diet Senior Dry Cat Food.

It worked for me really well and now, my cat has been back to normal but not as enthusiastic as she used to before due to her old age.

Form my experience; I suggest that take your cats to their vets to know the real cause of their not eating much in the first place. Cats might be suffering from an internal disease related to liver, lung, or kidney. Your vet can diagnose your cat and can tell accordingly what has happened to your lovely cat.

If your lovely cat is not suffering from any disease but only bad teeth, then you can add dry and wet food to their diet in bits from time to time to bring them back to normal. It is really important to fulfill their dietary needs or otherwise, they will become thin. You can even ask your vet about food choices as he might be able to give you good recommendations based on your cat’s health history.


If your cat has aged, then changing their diet chart is kind of necessary. You cannot feed your older cat with the same food as you feed her kittens with. You can look for certain symptoms like their health-related issues such as bad teeth, upset stomach, joint problem, or many others and change the diet plan accordingly.

You must try to incorporate essential nutrients to their teeth without forgetting about their bad teeth; try to give your cat more wet food rather than dry food. The wet food due to its moisture is really easy for them to chew and also helps in proper digestion. You should buy cat foods, which help to maintain the overall health of cats.

If you are still confused about what might be best for your cat with bad teeth, then you should consult your vet about the same. He might be able to provide a good recommendation as per your individual cat’s health. If you have any queries or comments, you can mention the same in the comment section. We would love to hear your experiences as well.

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