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My name is Luna and I am a great cat lover and a cat owner of three lovely cats. I have owned many cats till now and have dedicated many years to nurturing and caring cats. Through this blog, I am here to share my knowledge and experience about cats.

Why Do People Like Cats – The Bittersweet Relationship Between Cats and Humans!

You may have seen a lot of cat memes on almost all the social media platforms and wondered why do people like cats this much that they flood the internet with videos and pictures of their cats. A lot of cat lovers have to face the question “why do you like cats at all” because of the biased love towards dogs that has been time and again fuelled by so much content and experience shared by dog lovers everywhere. Cats have come a long way fighting for their much-deserved position in the life of humans and getting appreciation for their unique personalities.

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Understand The cat Psychology Behind The Cats Sitting Like Humans!

Cat behavior is something very difficult to understand for beginners and when you see cats sitting like humans or do similar other random things, you might get as much confused as cracking up instantly. Cats can do both adorable as well as annoying things that will leave you puzzled enough to wonder why in the world they would ever do that. From sitting up straight to curling up when petted, there are a lot of indications that can be made out of the sitting positions and body postures of cats.

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Ever Wondered Why Are Cats So Lazy- Here Is All That You Need To Know Why!

You must have definitely wondered why are cats so lazy when you would have come back home expecting that your cat would come rushing to greet you at the door but ended up seeing it nestled up in its bed. Some of you might have even regretted the decision of ever having a cat upon seeing the neighbor’s dog being all fun and jumping. Now, we suggest you calm down before jumping to conclusions and first know why is it that your cat mostly is seen lazing around.

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Here Is Everything To Know If You Wonder That Can Cats Eat Lettuce!

Do you love having lettuce in your salad plate so much that you even wonder can cats eat lettuce so that your favorite pet can also get the benefits of it? This inquisitive attitude of yours is justified because every aware pet owner knows about the risk factors involved in feeding human foods to pet animals carelessly. Thus, if you want to know that lettuce and cat can go together or not, then we suggest you continue to read below as we tell you all about what happens when a cat eats lettuce leaves.

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Here Is All About How To Prevent And Treat A Cat Split Nail!

The situation of a cat split nail is one of those that can make even the boldest of cats go bonkers with pain. You may tend to underestimate this injury by thinking that the nail is such a small body part but don’t even make that mistake. As you read on, you will realize how excruciating is a nail split for the cats and how you must get ready with the right treatment for it once you see it happen.

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Why Does My Cat Meow When I Sneeze ?-Understanding Strange Cat Behaviors

Meow is one of those primary sounds that cats use for communication and out of the so many things cats respond to via meowing, sneezing is one thing that can make you laugh and confused both. So, if you cannot make out why does my cat meow when I sneeze, then there are endless possibilities that you have to explore. Let us help you by providing some of the reasons that may satisfy your curiosity.

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Why Does My Cat Lick My Hand ?- Explaining Common Cat Behaviors

A lot of you wonder why does my cat lick my hand and tend to understand affection as the prime reason behind it as the “Catlores” had it. However, there are many other great possibilities that you must know to understand your cat better and be able to decode their actions simply. We are going to help you with all of that as we explain the psychology behind a cat licking a hand.

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Why Does My Cat Want So Much Attention ?

After having engaged in long play sessions with your cat, you must have wondered why does my cat want so much attention still upon looking into its curious eyes that are craving more of it. This is a very common cat behavior and is exhibited at a different level by cats of different breeds. While some cats get satisfied with occasional petting and like to spend some of their time in solitude too, the others prefer clinging to their owners and want someone to accompany them constantly.

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