Are Siamese cats good pets? Know them before getting one

A Siamese cat is a great choice if you have thought about getting a dog but cannot because of reasons like your house/apartment not allowing them or lack of time to walk them. These cats are very extroverted and can even be trained to play fetch.

In this article, we will discuss whether Siamese cats are great pet choices or not. However, before we get into this question,are Siamesecats good pets, let us understand some of its basic characteristics.


What is a Siamese cat?

are siamese cats good pets

Siamese cats are an ancient breed of cats that have been living alongside humans for more than a hundred years. It is no wonder they make great pets – they are extremely beautiful, they are great and loving companions, and they love chatting with their human owners.

Siamese cats are known to be the oldest recognizable breeds of Oriental cat. Formerly known as Siam, this cat breed originates from Thailand. While the cat’s big and blue eyes may seem very hypnotizing, it is important that you keep this cute bundle happy.

The appearance of Siamese cats

The coats of Siamese cats have an incredible range of colors; the colors are not only determined by genetics. The coats have a special modifier gene that inhibits the pigments from developing into the fur. This results in albinism. However, the gene depends on the surrounding temperature.

If the temperature is below 100-degrees, the genes on the coat get activated and carry the pigment to the fur. Since a cat’s body is cooler in areas like the tail, paws, ears, and nose, the pigment is deposited here.

When the cats are born, they are completely white and the markings start developing when they mature. This is because the womb is very warm and stops the genes from reaching the fur. Once the kitten is exposed to colder temperatures, they start developing the pigment.

Vital statistics

Siamese cats are athletic and lithe pets of medium size. Males can weigh anywhere between 4.7- and 5.7-kgs, while females mostly weight between 2- and 4-kgs. If taken care of properly with a nutritional diet, these cats can easily live up to 15-20 years.

Physical traits of Siamese cats

Siamese cats are quite famous and known for their unmistakable and unique appearance. The eyes are sleek and striking blue. The bodies are elegant and have glossy coats and long legs.

Siamese cats are also available in a wide range of colors like lilac, blue, chocolate (medium or warm brown), and seal (black-brown or dark brown). The coats are darker at the tip.

Personality traits and temperament

Apart from their distinctive looks, the cats are also known for their personality. These cats are:

  • Playful and energetic
  • Curious and extremely intelligent
  • Loyal
  • Affectionate and loving
  • Love having ‘conversations’ with their owners

Siamese cats are perhaps the most vocal cats and love ‘talking’ with their human owners. They crave human companionship, loyal, and living, which makes them one of the best family pets.

These cats are highly intelligent and capable of learning quickly. Thanks to their curiosity, these cats are commonly known to open and go through your closets and drawers often.

While these cats like to cuddle on your warm lap, they are also very energetic. Hence, it is important that you interact and play with them regularly. They are also known to be tolerant of children; additionally, they can also form firm friendships with dogs, as long as they are trained to do so.

Since these cats are quite boisterous and energetic, they demand playtime and attention. As kittens, they start developing their personalities; hence you need to provide attention and care when they are young so that they grow up to become socialized with humans.

While these cats are great companions, they also crave companionship. These cats dislike being alone for long periods and suited for households where someone is present at all times. These cats love outdoor environments as well; however, they should never be left unsupervised when outside.

Siamese cats are very intelligent

It is very difficult to find people that do not think beautiful Siamese cats are not smart. According to research by experts, the cerebral cortex of Siamese cats is more complex than dogs.

The structure of the cat’s structure is 90% similar to humans. Overall, this cat has more than 300 million neurons located in their cerebral cortex; on a comparison note, a dog has 160 million.

If you want to check the intelligence of your cat, there are some tests that you can try:

The mirror test

Use a washable marker and draw a mark on the forehead of your cat. Watch closely as your cat walks in front of the mirror. If it stops and attempts to wipe away the mark, it shows that your cat is self-aware, which is a sign of intelligence.

Pointing test

Grab some bowls and put some treats on one of them. Put the treat in the same bowl repeatedly until your cat gets used to it. Then, put the treat on the next bowl and direct your finger towards it. If your cat follows your direction, it means that it responds to new information.

Additionally, you can also train your cat to do things you would expect a dog to do – jump through hoops, play fetch, walk on a leash, and even use the toilet and flush. In fact, they can frequently open up cabinets or get into the refrigerator.

You can take a look at this video to understand the intelligence of Siamese cats.

Are Siamese cats friendly?

Are Siamesecats friendly? As mentioned above, Siamese cats love getting affection and attention from their human companions. They are quite inquisitive and intelligent; they have striking body movements and voices and are known to be quite ‘talkative’.

While the cats are great with other pets and children, they can also be very leery and demanding of strangers. Most owners have to say that the cats will greet strangers at the door and perform a type of approval process before allowing the visitors to enter.

Siamese cats are also very active cats that require a lot of cat toys (like the retractable cat feather toy set or the collapsible kitty tunnel) or stimulation to keep busy and occupied.

Siamese cats are very people-friendly and do not appreciate being left alone. Hence, if you tend to work for long hours, you can consider getting two Siamese cats so that they can play with each other when you are away. Additionally, the cats will fill you out on the details once you come back.

Are Siamese cats good with dogs?

Perhaps, the better question to ‘are Siamese cats good with dogs’ will be – can your dog get along with a Siamese cat? Dogs are known to be possessive and territorial animals and can have a difficult time adjusting to a new pet – whether it is a dog or a cat. If your dog is aggressive, sharing its territory with a cat will not be easy.

You need to consider the following factors:

  • Does your dog act around children and small animals when you take it out for a walk? If so, they might get aggressive around the new cat.
  • When you have friends visiting your home, are they welcoming or do they get aggressive, especially if the guest does not pay any attention?
  • What is the reaction of your dog when you give affection to another animal?

If your dog has aggressive tendencies, you may have to pick another cat breed, like a Ragdoll or Siberian.

Siamese cats are extremely friendly with children

Yes, Siamese cats love to play with children. Additionally, they also let them get away with things that the cat would never allow adults to do. Dress them up, hang them upside down – as long as the activity does not cause any pain or harm, the cat will likely put up with children.

There are many reasons why this happens. Children are extremely active and energetic and do not mind the frenetic and continuous activity and bonding behavior of children. While other cat breeds would wish to stay away from children, Siamese cats love the activity and attention.

If you are looking for a cat that will get along with children, then the Siamese cat is considered the best option.

Siamese cats do not require a lot of maintenance

Perhaps the best aspect of Siamese cats is that it does not require a lot of maintenance. A weekly coat brushing is more than enough. Cats are generally known to take care of themselves. When giving them a brush, ensure that the comb has soft bristles.

You can also trim their nails once in two weeks. Do not declaw your cat, as it has been declared as illegal. Trimming will discourage your cat from clawing and keep them healthier. If you have never trimmed a cat’s nails, it is recommended that you visit a professional.

Final thoughts

Siamese cats are some of the most elegant and beautiful cat breeds today. They love human and fellow pet companionship and attention. However, this is the exact reason why you cannot leave them alone for a long time.

If you live in a home where you work long hours and there are no other humans or pets around, it is not a good idea to get a Siamese cat. These cats live a predictable and stable environment and will be disturbed by changes to their habitat or routine.

Are Siamesecats good pets? Yes, they are! If you want to keep a Siamese cat, always provide them with regular attention and consistency. If taken care of, these cats will shower you with love and affection.

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