Himalayan Salt Lamp Warnings: Why Are Salt Lamps Bad For Cats?

Do you know the Himalayan salt lamp? Are salt lamps bad for cats? The Himalayan salt lamp is a chic and trendy decorative design idea widely used to augment the beauty of the living space. Carved out of salt mines of Khewra, Himalayan salt is a soothing mineral with an unparalleled aesthetic appeal and elegance. These lamps serve as a decorative light source and are said to have numerous health benefits. Sharing an association with the concepts of Halotherapy, these salt lamps are commonly used as an air purifier, ionizer, and mood relaxant tool.


are salt lamps bad for cats

There is no doubt that the rock salt lamp is an aesthetically-superior design element that can significantly augment the outlook of the interior space. The aesthetic superiority of the lamps is widely appreciated and is the leading reason for its widespread popularity. In both residential and commercial business settings, these lamps are used as the focal point of the interior space. The inclusion of all-natural light sources helps resonate a sense of purity and and a sensation of natural beauty. The minimalistic modern-day design world of today greatly appreciates chic and trendy design elements such as natural salt lamps.

The modernistic and elegant crystal salt lamps surely have many aesthetic advantages and health benefits. However, the salt lamp is not an ideal choice for households with cats. So, why are salt lamps bad for cats? To understand the dangers of having a salt lamp and cats in the same house, we need to know the composition of the real Himalayan salt.

The Composition of Himalayan Salt

Carved out of the Khewra salt mines of Pakistan, the Himalayan salt is rich in mineral and has a pinkish glow to it. The valid resource to buy Himalayan salt lamps go here. The salt primarily comprises of high concentration of sodium. The salt present in the mine of Khewra dates back to millions of years. Their unique composition of different minerals gives the salt a pinkish color which glows under the light. Light is an essential part of the overall concept of Himalaya salt which tends to produce negatively-charged ions under the influence of heat. The negatively-charged ions produced from the real salt lamps are the main reason for its numerous amazing health benefits.

The presence of negatively-charged ions is a great thing for humans and is one of the biggest selling points of the product. However, the presence of a high concentration of sodium is what makes these lamps extremely dangerous and harmful for cats. A mineral overdose could lead to search health problems in animals and cats which tends to progress pretty rapidly.

The Dangers of Sodium for a Cat

Rich in Sodium, the crystal salt lamps can turn out to be lethal for animals especially cats. An overdose of sodium results in sodium poisoning which is a common type of salt poisoning in animals and humans. In the case of animals, salt poisoning can be deadly and progresses very rapidly if left untreated. High levels of Sodium in the blood cause many neurological ailments and results in swelling of the brain.

Salt poisoning is often accidental and pretty common in cats who have a tendency of licking objects. The Himalayan salt lamps placed within the reach of a cat is an accident waiting to happen. The mineral-rich salt leads to many neurological issues when ingested by the cat which is commonly indicated by the changes in physical behavior. The appealing and glowing salt lamps are very attractive to cats who love exploring new and interesting objects. Licking the object is their unique way of understanding the object and is a habit common in all cats.

why are salt lamps bad for cats

Effects of Sodium Poisoning

The earliest signs of sodium poisoning in animals especially cats are unusual walking patterns and dullness and drowsiness. All of these symptoms are triggered by the high level of sodium circulating in the veins and distorting the functions of the brain. However, these symptoms are common in cats suffering from cold or influenza and tend to get unnoticed at times. The most dangerous aspect of salt poisoning from rock salt lamps is the poison progresses rapidly and continually deteriorates the cat’s health.

In a matter of a few hours, the dullness and drowsiness progress into something more serious. The vision begins to get affected and the ability to hear and walk also begins to suffer. The neurological imbalances result in loss of control in the tongue and sudden stoppage in eating and drinking. All of these symptoms are triggered by the swollen brain which requires immediate treatment. At such times, it is essential to regulate the blood levels of a cat and begin treatment to counteract the effects of sodium poisoning.

The recommended amount of salt intake for cats is pretty low and is approximately equal to 16.7 milligrams. This number can easily be out-licked by curious and inquisitive cats who are greatly attracted to the glowing beauty of salt lamps.

Recovery and Cure

Rich sodium minerals of the real salt lamps can turn out to be fatal and are one of the deadliest forms of cat poisoning. The road to recovery from the ingestion of a high level of sodium and salt poisoning is painful and slow. Nobody would want their beloved cat friends to suffer from such health ailments caused by their negligence. There do exist proper medical and treatments for salt poisoning and early diagnosis is key to cure. However, prevention is better than cure and such preventive measures need to be practiced from the end of cat owners.

Himalayan salt lamp warnings

Preventive Measures for Cat Owners

There exists a great need to practice moderation in everyday life. Getting rid of all the crystal salt lamps beautifying your interior space is not always the wisest option. Practicing preventive measures to minimize the chances of contact of a cat with these lamps is a more rational approach. It is important to focus on the placement of salt lamps, especially in cat households. In this way, a perfect moderation can be practiced and a homeowner can enjoy the amazing aesthetic advantages of salt lamps without compromising on the heath of their beloved pet.

Cats and Himalayan Salt Lamps

Real salt lamps carved out of the beautiful mountains of Himalayas is a thing of natural beauty and unique modern-day design elements. As long as proper care is taken in the placement and storage of the salt lamps, such accidents are unlikely to happen. There are always dangers lurking around in the home for our sensitive and loving pets. Being aware of the dangers and harms of the surrounding is important for all the lovers of cats. Awareness helps us take proper care of our little furry friend and informs us about what needs to be done in an event of such an accident.

The incredible design versatility of Himalayan salt lamps provides the design enthusiasts the luxury to practice creativity in design. There are many amazing places and design options available in the marketplace today which are least likely to cause any harm to cats and household’s pets. So, if you are a cat person and also a lover of chic and trendy salt lamp, all you need to do is practice care in placement and storage of the lamp.

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