Do Cats Get Bored? – Why Is My Cat Bored And What To Do?

A saying that goes around about cats is that they can survive to live along for periods longer than any other pet and that’s what makes people seldom think that ‘do cats get bored’. However, if you think so, then let us tell you that cats very much do get bored even though it is true that they can manage to be without any human company for longer times. What is important to note is that bored cats become prone to loneliness and separation anxiety too if left alone day after day.

This can happen to both regular and indoor cats and thus to save your precious fella from any such situation, you must observe to know why is my cat bored and we are going to help you with that along with telling you how to keep boredom away from your cat.


Reasons behind cats getting bored

Cats are indeed more independent by nature but that doesn’t mean that they don’t crave company. They need their share of stimulation and playfulness is another characteristic behavior of them that needs to be catered to. A bored cat can be the result of many things like:

  • Keeping cats indoors for a long time can get them bored easily with no connection to the outside.
  • Lack of stimulating toys or activities to do can cause any cat to get bored.
  • If their natural hunting instincts are not satisfied, they may lose interest in other things too, and eventually, get lonely.
  • In the absence of any kind of enriching environment, cats can become bored easily due to mental stagnancy.

Impacts of boredom on cats

do cats get bored

Cats by nature are very hideous and don’t make their suffering visible to their owner by any obvious means. So if you don’t try to observe closely and let them suffer, they might at last resort to magnified expressions that wouldn’t be liked by anyone. We are talking about bored cats turning into destructive a cat which is a very easy transition in case of the cat not getting deserving care.

Here are some of the dangerous repercussions to know when you think ‘do cats get bored’:

  • Your cat may tend to perform destructive activities like harming stuff in the house. They may start scratching the furniture, stealing things, climbing onto counters, tearing up things, spilling food, and many other things.
  • They may start doing random things to corner your attraction that can turn out to be unpleasant.
  • The cats may also start suffering from various issues like random urination, aggression, lethargy, excessive sleeping, appetite change, over-vocalization, etc.
  • Due to the constant feeling of loneliness and lack of companionship, your cat may get separation anxiety and depression. These things can put a major impact on the overall well-being of the cat.
  • The last thing that you would want to suffer at the hands of your cat is a scratched face or hand.

Common signs visible among bored cats

As seen above, cats are a little complex when it comes to expressing things. Thus, you may not be able to understand their feelings because they don’t have the communicative ability and some signs are all that you are left with to understand their emotions. Following are some of the general things they do when they get bored:

  • Repetitive grooming- This is the most affirming sign to your thought ‘is my cat bored’ which involves cats licking themselves excessively, pulling out fur, or biting/chewing their skin. This goes on in an endless loop.
  • Excessive eating- This is a habit very much similar to what humans are seen doing out of boredom. Your cat may develop the habit of over-eating up to the extent of stealing food for that. This also in turn affects their mental health as over-weight cats get depressed soon.
  • Messing with other animals- Fighting unnecessarily with other animals or chasing them is chosen by cats mostly when they have been feeling bored for a long time and want to get a release. This is a plain sign of the need for stimulation.
  • High levels of inactivity- Cats start sticking to their beds for longer than usual and their napping time becomes high too. You will see them spending their day with no activity at all.
  • House moping- Upon getting much bored, your cat may lose interest in any activity and things that they used to like earlier usually. This is the most serious sign and you must take your cat to a vet if this symptom persists for longer as it can also be due to any health issue.

Tips on preventing cats from getting bored

do cats get bored

So, now you would ash ‘what do I do when my cat is bored’? The answers to it are many as we are going to provide some tips to you that can help you keep your cat from boredom and further consequences. These measures can be used to keep the cats entertained regularly or in special conditions like indoors too.

  • You can try keeping your cat busy with an ample amount of interactive toys that will also develop their skills while they play. Some good toys to get for your cat include puzzle feeders, catnip infused toys, sound-making balls, treat balls, nibble-safe toys, and many others. When giving them feeders, make sure that the food is enough for them to munch within its freshness period only.
  • Arrange riddle games for them like treasure hunts that can put their hunting and discovering skills to use. You can include treats in such games so that they become lured but make sure to not overdo the rewards. Make DIY hiding boxes for them and they are going to love them.
  • Install scratch-free stuff like scratching posts and pads in the house to serve the scratching-grooming needs of the cats even if you don’t tend to think that ‘do cats get bored’ as these things not only keep the cats busy but help you more by keeping other stuff of your house safe.
  • Make sure to keep outdoors accessible to the cats in some or other way. You can make windows free for them to sit and enjoy the outside view or take them out for walks under your constant supervision too.
  • Try training tricks with your cat where you can teach them various general manners and activities like lifting paws for a handshake, using litter boxes appropriately, game tricks, etc.
  • Proper attention, company, and care go a long way in keeping your cat mentally healthy and stimulated. Observe your cat’s behavior closely if you think that my cat is bored and provide it the required care accordingly as some breeds need attention more than usual.
  • A bad health state may confusingly let you treat your cat for boredom. So if you see the symptoms even after every positive attempt from your end, you should visit a pet behaviorist or vet and get your cat treated with professional help.


We hope to have given all answers to your query that ‘do cats get bored’. Cats may love it low-key but they sure do need stimulation and careful attention to some level for they can get bored very easily. The level of needs also differs in every cat breed and you must be watchful about that too.

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