Ten best chew toys for cats- Benefits of cat chew toys

There is no one reason for getting chew toys for cats because there are multiple important ways that chew toys prove to be helpful to both the adult cats as well as kittens. As their name itself suggests, these toys are meant to help with the well being of your cat when it comes to multiple oral issues and other stimulation needs. You will understand more about the benefits of these toys as we are going to list the best cat chew toys that you can consider buying for the purpose.


Need and benefits of chewing toys for cats

If you have been confused that ‘do cats need chew toys’, we would ask you to understand the behavior of your cat and see if it shows interest in chewing stuff around the house. The liking for chewing differs from cat to cat and some of them might need to chew due to different oral problems. Thus, you may have to provide chew toys depending upon the preference of your cat and the following are the benefits of doing so:

  • Relief from oral problems like teething, tartar, pain, etc
  • Self-cleaning of the cat’s teeth
  • Furniture becomes safe from cat bites and scratches
  • Playing and stimulation benefits
  • Development of chewing and hunting skills through smell

Let us now list some of the great cat chew toys for you to choose from if you think your cat needs them.

SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys

chew toys for cats

This can be the best stimulator toy for your cat as well as kitten other than being a chew material to satisfy the oral exercise needs of them. The pack contains three mice soft toys that are filled with potent and pure catnip for luring the cats by stimulating their smell senses. You can choose from the huge variety of options available to get the best-looking mice.

The catnip is a good activator element for the energy boost in cats. They will have an amazing time playing and chewing these mice as they are easy to handle too. The product is certified safe and made with 100% recycled fiber plastic.

Potaroma electric cat toy for chewing and playing

chew toys for cats

This soft cotton made toy is the replica of a fish that comes with electric motion sensors. They get activated upon the cat touching them and the toys start wiggling to attract the cat into chasing it for a chew. This unique toy is rechargeable and also comes with a catnip pouch for luring the cats with their favorite catnip smell.

The battery remains safely covered inside the toy as the outer is fully resistant to all the biting and chewing. It is perfect for satisfying the chewing and play needs of your cat.

Dental Health Cat Toys by Petstages

chew toys for cats

These chew toys for cats by Petstages can be the perfect choice for your cats if you want an object that can entertain as well as help the improvement of oral health at the same time. There is a huge range of options available that include toys of different shapes and sizes to suit different cat age groups. You can pick the right one for your cat that it can easily carry and chew.

Fused with catnip, the toys have soft netting that acts as floss for cat’s teeth by removing soft tartar as they chew on it.

Idepet toy feeders for cats

chew toys for cats

These multi-functional toys play several roles like toy balls, food feeders, and teeth cleaners for the cats which means that they not only help the chewing needs of cats but also stimulate their senses for IQ training. The balls are made with non-toxic rubber that is also bite-resistant. The soft surface gives cleaning and relieving effects to the teeth and gums simultaneously.

The cavities in the ball can be filled with cat food that they will have to chew by putting different skills in use. This will be great learning as well as time pass activity for them.

Legendog cat chewing toys

This can be the perfect chew toys for kittens and cats that face the teething issues that are usually a serious oral problem in cats. However, with this catnip toy, you can relax a bit as the cat will self-cure their oral hygiene as they swat these mouse shaped softies. The toy is made of soft and smell-wicking fabric that stays intact against all the biting and chewing.

It will also be an ideal partner for your cat in boredom and help keep them away from loneliness and anxiety with its play attractiveness.

Doskocil PETMATE Cat Crazies

This product is a pack of many ring-shaped toys that don’t look very technologically comprehensive but promise to give a great stimulating experience to your cat. These simple and small toys are made of durable plastic that is resistant to biting and chewing that can be perfectly handled by the cat in any way to play with their instincts. They can bite the rings, flip, roll, and slide them too and witness a bouncing response in turn.

This means that the cats will keep engaged with the rings fully as they can keep satiating their curious minds about how the rings are jumping back at them.

OurPets interactive cat chew toys

chew toys for cats

There are many specialties of these toys, the first one being that they are filled with the best organic North American catnip that will bring your cat a crazy stimulation of both the physical and mental instincts. These toys will give a satisfying play experience to the cats as chewing on them will not only require physical movement but also hunting skills to locate the toy with its smell first. The cat will be relieved of oral issues, boredom, stress, and anxiety too as they will have a constant play and care partner when indoors or alone.

Pioneer catnip chewable toys for cats

chew toys for cats

If you are concerned about the oral hygiene of your young cat because it doesn’t let you clean its mouth, this chew toy stick by Pioneer can be the perfect help as the neat mesh fitted on the outside cleans the teeth automatically. The shape and texture of this toy is the best combination for any cat or kitten to grab and chew as it lures them into playing with the magical smell of catnip-filled inside the stick. The cat can easily swat the stick and chase, thanks to the lightweight built.

Yeowww! Banana chew toy

chew toys for cats

This can be the best cat chew toys gift for the cats if they have been good bois all along. This toy has the exact shape and bright color of a banana and it will be loved by your cat for its perfect size and curve. It is very easy to hold and the cat can do anything with the banana from grabbing, kicking, chewing, to nuzzling around.

The toy has no fillers and has got stuffing of only pure catnip that is organic. The soft cotton fabric and natural dyes used in the toy make it absolutely safe for the cat to nibble on.

Leaps and Bounds teething and chewing ring for kittens

Teething and chew toys for kittens are perfect for relieving the stress that kittens go through during their development period and this ring-shaped kitten toy can be a great option to pick. The size of the toy makes it good even for adult cats.It has adjustable strings that make it easier for the kittens to hold it and play.

The soft plastic texture facilitates a safe and satisfying chewing experience that also keeps the cats engaged with the mind-stimulating moves.


These were the best chew toys for cats available that are multi-advantageous and not only keep your cat orally healthy but also facilitate a lot of fun for it. Make sure to buy only soft toys as rough surfaces can hurt the gums of your cat or kitten.

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