Best Cat Litter Scoop Reviews of 2020 – What To Consider?

Are you fond of cats and love grooming them? Then this article will definitely help you to inch closer to your cat and find the best cat litter scoop for you. Grooming a kitty is one of the most enjoyable experiences for a cat lover. But scooping out their litter might not be the same.

I adore my kitty and it feels amazing playing with her. But as and when she has to excrete, it actually becomes a bit difficult for me to pick the litter. Then I came across a cat litter scoop. This prop really helped me out with the task and now I can easily do the daily cleaning in just a few seconds.

It was quite difficult for me to choose the best cat litter scoop initially. But, as and when I researched more about it, I got to know many new things about the latter. Read this article to gain some knowledge and select the best cat litter scoop according to your requirements.


What Is A Cat Litter Scoop?

best cat litter scoop

Basically, a cat litter scoop has a simple task to do, i.e. pick up the poop. Even for a single job, there are plenty of products available in the market, and it becomes really difficult to choose from. But, it is always advised to select the simplest and best product when buying a cat litter scoop.

The litter scoop will be the best partner in your cat grooming session unless you own an automatic litter box. Make sure that the product is not too complexed, making cleaning a big task. One should not only ensure the quality but also address the complaints raised by various users before buying the product. A complete information package will always lead you to the best buy.

Review Of The 5 Best Cat Litter Scoops

With a myriad of cat litter scoops in the market, it is very obvious that one may face a difficulty in choosing the best one amongst the variety. To cater to this problem, we have reviewed 5 best cat litter scoops taking a special consideration of different factors examined while buying this commodity. Let's read a brief detail about each of them.

Sifter with Deep Shovel is the Editor's Pick and voted as the bestseller product in the range of cat litter scoops. With its solid design, it is aiding the cat owners completely and comforting them to pick the litter with ease. 

This product is made by cat owners and consists of every necessity feature that a cat owner would wish to have. The scoop is coated with Teflon, to make it non-sticky to wet litter. The perfectly spaced shovel design allows the clean litter to fall down and the handle withholding a strong holding grip makes it easier to hold.  This product also comes in a silver color for a spectacular look.

Being the bestseller product, I am using this product for scooping out my kitty’s litter and actually found it to be helpful and amazing as compared to many other products in the market. I suggest the same to all the cat owners, to gain the best experience of using a cat litter scoop.


  • Teflon coated for non-stickiness
  • Designed ergonomically for handling
  • Premium material to ensure the best quality
  • Stiff front edge to pick up the small crump
  • With plastic hanger to hang the scoop anywhere.


  • Heavyweight scoop
  • Handle is short in length
  • Urine clumps stick to it, if not dry.

DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop is the Second Best Pick amongst the wide range of cat litter scoops present in the market. It is one of the ideal product to clean up your kitty's litter box. This lightweight scoop is jumbo sized as the name suggests, with designs to minimize the discomfort of picking up your kitty's litter. The handle of this scoop is made up of solid metal with rubber coating to strengthen the grip of the product.

This cat litter scoop is corrosion free, with cast aluminum that makes it stiff and avoids the chances of breakage, bending, or flicking. The anti-scatter sides are specially made to hold onto the clumps easily without any extra mess.

Being the alternative pick amongst the various cat litter scoops, DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop has been rated very well in the market in terms of ease of operation. On interaction with people using this product, they find the size of the scoop really satisfying because it can hold onto all the clumps together plus the light weight gives it an edge over others.


  • Wide scoop for a better hold
  • Strong handle
  • Light in weight with good size
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Spill-proof


  • Wide in-between spacing drops down smaller clumps
  • Difficult to scoop cat litter
  • Too big size makes it cumbersome to handle for some.

Petmate Ultimate Litter Plastic Scoop is amongst the best Budget Pick when looking out for a cat litter scoop.

This litter scoop makes it easy to clean your kitty's litter box. It has an extra long, ultimate handle to simply scoop out the litter without much bending. The rubber coat enables a comfortable grip, making it comfortable for older people and the ones who find it difficult to clean their kitty's litter due to bending. The corners of this scoop are rounded at the edge enabling better cleaning and flexible motions.

The silts of this scoop are large enough to collect the litter and sift through for trouble-free disposal. The rounded corners also help in collecting and scooping out the clumps of litter from sides and makes cleaning effortless. This cat litter scoop may help you to scoop out your kitty's litter very quickly in a short span than usual scoops.

Talking about the reviews, as per the users, this product is good to use if you're finding a problem in bending down for cleaning. Plus, the product is priced adequately well for everyone to buy. Thus, making it favorite budget pick.


  • Has thumb depression facility for easy usage.
  • Good size for faster cleaning.
  • Longer handle than usual scoops.
  • Easy to scrap out chunks stuck at sides.


  • The longer handle cracks very easily.
  • Big size makes it bulky to handle.
  • Scoop slots are too big.
  • Not useful for an average cat's poop.

Compact Designer Cat Litter Scoop & Base is the high-quality Upgraded-Pick as per the editors. Being one of the most stylish cat litter scoops yet designed, this product offers a great quality for handsome bucks. The storage of this product is actually very convenient and hassle-free because of the classy base. The design of this product enables a good hand grip for better holding and easy scooping.

The size of this product is nor too big nor too small which makes it easier to handle by anyone. It is actually great to use this product as per the reviews by my friends. Added to this is the eco-friendly packaging offered for this product which makes it look sturdy and well manageable for any type of users. It solves the issue of storage which is making this pick popular amongst the kitty lovers. Plus, the ergonomic design of this product makes it effortless for regular usage.

According to the personal experience, the durability of this product is commendable and thus, it is rated amongst one of the high-quality picks amongst the cat lovers.


  • Durable choice
  • Easy to store and use
  • Ergonomically designed grip
  • Stiff high-quality product


  • Overpriced product
  • Small size makes cleaning huge clumps difficult
  • The material of this product makes it sticky.

PURRR-FECT SCOOP 35in Tall, Standing Litter Scoop is one of the widely used long-handled scoop providing the comfort of dexterous cleaning in a safe and effortless manner. As compared to many other long-handled kitty litter scoops, this product is the most popular pick amongst the users. It is a perfect product as the name suggests, for scooping out the little with ease by standing or sitting as per the convenience.

The grip of this scoop helps in scooping out the litter in any direction or angle. The D grip makes this scoop easy on hand for any type of cat lovers, providing maneuverability without any extra strains on the wrist. The steel shaft of this product makes it stronger and difficult to crack or break.

In accordance with my experience of using this product, the special D-grip of this cat litter scoop makes it very reliable. It is made up of polymer (resilient) and can easily collect up to 20 pounds in one go. Thus, makes cleaning easy.


  • Longer handle makes scooping easier without physical stress.
  • Perfect D-grip for holding
  • Strong to handle a good amount of litter
  • Splendid and different design


  • Difficult to use and manage the scoop
  • Big slots in-between

How To Choose The Best Cat Litter Scoop?

A cat lover will always feel puzzled while choosing a cat litter scoop for the kitty. With best of features in plenty of scoops present in the market, it will become difficult to pick one against the other. To determine the best choice, here we have few factors to consider before buying the kitty litter scoop conveniently.

best cat litter scoop

1. Storage

When the litter scoop is not in use, it becomes a question so as to how to store it. Does your litter scoop comfort you by providing a holder to store? Or does storage become an everyday task for you?

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to store a cat litter scoop. There may be many reasons for the same, starting from the size, shape, height, and width of the cat litter scoop. These factors actually determine the way a scoop has to be stored.

So, before buying a litter scoop, always consider taking some measurements of the scoop along to anticipate the forthcoming problem of storage. Ensure that you have an exact idea about the quick measurements along with the storage space and method before placing the order for your new cat litter scoop.

Not only this, a scoop that comes with a hanger or hole to hook will actually be a very good choice. This will eventually result in clean storage and better comfort of scooping out the kitty litter. Plus, scoop with storage base can be an ultimate choice for this sort of problem.

2. Waste control

One should be completely sure about the waste control manner of the scoop you’re opting.  

The size of the kitty litter will straightway determine the size of holes in the scoop you wish to purchase. Larger slots in the scoop might not help everyone. In case of wet litter, one may not be able to cope up with longer slots scoop, whereas some may prefer the larger and longer slots for shifting out the litter to box by shaking itself.  Deep shovels will allow you to scrape out more litter in one go. To make sure that your cleaning process is faster, choose the product that helps you in easy sifting.

Make sure that the brand new scoop helps you to scoop out the soiled litter along with the cat poop, and leave behind the usable litter as it is. A waste control kitty litter scoop will never let you waste the kitty’s litter with every forthcoming scoop.  Every person has their own requirements. Thus, choosing the most appropriate scoop depends on how you manage the waste by yourself.

best cat litter scoop

3. Comfortable to use

An ergonomically designed cat litter scoop is always the best to pick the litter effectively. Its obvious not to buy a product that cannot even do the basic job that nicely. Apart from the ability to scoop out the litter efficiently, a cat litter scoop should provide the comfort of using it in the best possible manner. Some of the scoops contain a designer structure, making them much more user-friendly.

For example- if you choose a scoop with a round-edged corner and short handle, then it may not be feasible for you to clean the corners of the litter box. Also, the wet litter gets stuck and forms a layer at the bottom of the litter box. Thus, this problem will help you to look for a scoop that has squared corners, sharp and thin edges and long-handle for a comfortable hold.

So, from this, you must have understood that choosing the most comfortable to use scoop for scrapping out your kitty's litter will definitely depend on certain factors including, features of your litter box, the location of the litter box, accessibility to cleaning the box, etc.

The handle of the scoop is one of the most important parts of this product. A correct handle size with appropriate grip is all that a cat lover needs. The handle of the kitty litter scoop should be moderately sized with average thickness. The gripping power is like a must for the handle. A rubber gripping support is very beneficial. The weight is also one of the important factors to consider. Handling too heavy litter scoop is very difficult for a user. Easy to lift and appropriately handy scoop is the best amongst all. Based on these factors, it will be relatively easier to choose the product.

4. Durable materials

It becomes very irritating when you new purchase goes in vain after few uses itself. Same goes for a cat litter scoop. Replacing a cat litter scoop every now and then is really not an option. Always seek for the best material while buying a cat litter scoop.

The plastic handled litter scoops are actually not suitable for heavy use like scooping out a kitty’s litter box. So, buy the scoop that you feel can last longer than usual. Ensure that your litter tackling friend is made up of a durable material that may not break, squeeze or bend with heavy kind of usage. A high-quality scoop with the unbreakable long lasting material is all that you need!

If you wish to make your own kitty litter scoop, watch this video:


So, these were the 5 best cat litter scoops available on the market. Amongst the list, the successful product reliably being used by thousands of people is Sifter with Deep Shovel. This product is definitely the best and most user-friendly in every sense of its existence. The rigid design of this product makes it easier to scoop out the heavy litter without worries of breakage.

Via: Amazon.com

Being a non-sticky scoop, this choice is aiding the cat lovers in the most difficult task entailing the grooming of a cat. Thus, this product is the bestseller amongst the masses, and a leading pick on the list of best cat litter scoops. I would personally suggest you try out this scoop for scooping out your kitty's poop and gain an effortless grooming experience now.

I hope my article has helped you a lot in gaining useful information and selecting the best cat litter scoop. If you like my article, please share it with your friends and family as much as possible!

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